Webelos Scout Ceremony Webelo Crossover

Webelos Scout Ceremonies

Webelos Scout Ceremonies

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Activity Badges Akela Arrow of Light
Akela's Arrows Advancement Akelas Life Arrow of Light
American Symbols Arrow of Light
Arrow of Light 2 Arrow of Light 3
Arrow of Light Challenge Arrow of Light Cutout
Arrow of Light Simple Arrow of Light Webelos Bridging
Basic Flag Closing Basic Flag Opening
Bobcat - Cub Scout Promise Bobcat Badge
Bobcat Howl Bobcat Investiture
Bow and Arrow Webelos Cross-over Cross-Over
Cub Scout Flag Collection Eagle Feather
Four Directions Four Winds Cross-over
From Pack to Troop Iktomi's Spider web
Indian Bear to Webelos Key to Scouting
Lewis and Clark Light of Knowledge
Neckerchiefs New Cub Scout Welcome
Rabbit Shares Fire Rank Achievements
Scouting Spirit Arrow of Light Silent Flag
Simple Cross-Over Story of Cub Scout Colors
Webelos Bridge to Boy Scouts Webelos Buffalo
Webelos Cross-over - Voucher Webelos Cross-Over Milestone
Webelos Family Cross-Over Webelos Virtues


More Webelos Scout Information to Use:
  Webelos Scout Activity Badges - Activities to earn the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light award
  Track Webelos Activity Pin Completions
  Webelos Activities - great den meeting ideas
  Webelos Scout Awards - see what awards are available to Webelos scouts
  Webelos Scout Ceremonies - a few ceremonies
  Webelos Scout Games - den or pack games just right for 4th and 5th graders
  Webelos Scout Graces - fun meal graces
  Webelos Scout Jokes - funny, gross, and silly jokes for scouts
  Webelos Scout Projects - community or conservation projects for your Webelos den
  Webelos Scout Recipes - tasty food recipes for fun snacks at campfires or on overnights
  Webelos Scout Skits - skits that Webelos Scouts like to do
  Webelos Scout Songs - songs for scouts
  Webelos Scout Stories - choose stories that Webelos scouts will enjoy and understand
  Webelos Scout Uniform - make sure you put all those badges and patches in the right spots
  Cub Scout Academics & Sports - extra recognition opportunities
  Webelos Scout Tests - online tests for Webelos Scouts to test their knowledge
  Webelos Scout Schedule - sample schedule of meetings and activities

Remember there is no such thing as a Webelo Scout. Whether there is one or a hundred, they are always called Webelos with the 's'.

These Webelos crossover ceremonies for will help make your scouting program more interesting, fun, and ultimately successful. Your volunteer time is greatly appreciated and everything you do now to help your scouts will make a difference down the road. Please let us know if you have additional crossover or ceremony ideas that we can share with other Webelos scout volunteers.

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