Cub Scout Flag Collection Ceremony for Cub Scouts

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Cub Scout Flag Collection   Cub Scout Flag Collection Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Cub Scouts.
Whatever ceremony you attempt, these guidelines will help make it go smoothly:

Remember these points of U.S. Flag etiquette:

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Flag in a Kettle

(stage is set with a large kettle and campfire. Inside the kettle and against one side is a folded flag out of sight of the audience.)
(you may use a different scout for each line or two scouts taking turns.)

Scout: Tonight we're going to fix for you a treat that's really grand and make for you a recipe : the Grandest in the Land.

Scout: In first we'll put a heaping cup of red for courage true.
(pours in container of red paper cut in small pieces)

Scout: And then we'll add for loyalty a dash of heavenly blue.
(Pours in container of blue paper cut in small pieces)

Scout: For purity we'll now sift in a layer of snowy white
(pours in container of white paper cut in small pieces)

Scout: We'll sprinkle a pinch of stars to make it come out right.
(pours in a small container of silver stars)

Scout: We'll stir and stir and you will see that what we've made is Old Glory.
(pulls out flag, unfurls it with partner, and posts it on standard.)

Scout: Our flag is the most beautiful flag in the world. Let's always be loyal to it. Everyone please stand and give the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

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Flag and Candles

Speaker: Since countries were first formed, man has used symbols to express hope, ideals, and love of his own nation. Our flag symbolizes the sacrifices made by men and women for the future of America. It stands for your home and everything and everyone you hold dear.
Speaker: 'I light the red candle for the red stripes in our flag, standing for hardiness and valor and symbolizing the lifeblood of brave men and women.'
Speaker: 'I light the white candle for the white stripes, symbolizing purity and perfection.'
Speaker: 'I light the blue candle for the field of blue which is the symbol of perseverance and justice, and the eternal blue of the heavens.'
Speaker: 'Please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.'

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Chivalrous Knights

Equipment: have scouts make cardboard swords and shields in den meetings prior to pack meeting.

Announcer: Hear ye! Hear ye! The Kingdom of Cub Scouting requests your presence before the Royalty of the Land!
(Royal trumpet sounds)

Announcer: Prepare for the entrance of the Chivalrous Knights.
(Scout procession enters carrying shields and swords and den flags.)

Announcer: Knights! Hold your swords at attention while the flag of the United States is advanced.
Audience, please stand and salute the flag.
(Honor guard brings flag forward to post)

Announcer: The flags, shields, and banners of kings were symbols of the monarchy. Fleur-de-lis, lions, trees, and castles symbolized purity, courage, and strength.

Our banner has three colors and stars as symbols.
Our colors show red for bravery, white for purity, and blue for loyalty.
The stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies and the stars stand for all the states.

Knights and friends of the kingdom, please join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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