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The best way to wrap up a meeting and make sure everyone knows it is time to go is to close with ScoutMaster Minutes. This is an opportunity for the ScoutMaster to address the troop and leave them with something to think about. It is usually a short story with a moral, a quote, or a thought. There's no reason why den leaders and CubMasters can't use the same method of closing their meetings.

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Red Skelton - What the Pledge means to ME
Positive Attitude
Leave a Trace
Was Santa Claus a Boy Scout?
Life's Choices
Two Little Words
UnSaying My Words
Filling My Jar
Scout Spirit
Do The Right Thing
Frappings of Life
Bound Through Scouting
The Devil's Favorite Tool
Coasting is All Downhill
How to Treat People - a true story
The Dollar Bill
10 Tips to Get Along
Obstacles and Opportunities
Finish Your Task - a true story
Box of Stuff
Eagle and the Prairie Chicken
One Good Turn Deserves Another

You may find that some of these anecdotes and tales are useful for scoutmaster conferences to impress an ideal on a scout. Scoutmasters should keep a handful of fresh short stories ready for when opportunities arise whether at a troop meeting, around a campfire, or on a hike.

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