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There's nothing like a challenging group activity to make a group of boys work together to solve a problem and grow in confidence. Scouting is a game with a purpose and that game is usually played outdoors, with a lot of physical activity. Use these ideas to help your unit have fun and learn skills while increasing their leadership and teamwork.

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Anti-Gravity Tent Pole
Who Am I?
Marshmallow Kick, Throw, and Blow
Human Rain Storm
Paper Airplanes
Balloon Juggling
Chariot Races
Hand Slap
Quick Intelligence Test
Webelos Puzzles
Human Pyramid
Bombs and Shields
Fire Building, String Burning, Water Boiling
Candle Duel
Balloon Olympics
Family Feud
Imagine That
Brain Bender - Water Jugs
Pass the Message
Wacky Animals
Indoor Miniature Golf
Who Did the Good Turn
Trivial Pursuit
Pocket Rope
Tin Soldiers

These outdoor activities can be beneficial to all youth groups. Take into account the age, physical abilities, and preferences of the members of your group when choosing one. Youth group activity, whether scouting or not, needs to be challenging, fun, and new - don't use your same old games over and over. Try something new today.

 Dec 10, 2013 - Steve McFarland
We have an event scheduled for September of 2014 called "Knights Quest". We have jousting, swords fights, mace battles, a castle siege, tower climb, pugal sticks, knights quiz and challenge, troop movements, grail search and other activities.
Make swords from PVC pipe, 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch. Wrap with pipe insulation foam and duct tape. Let your imagination go wild. Maces can be made using Nerf Footballs, basketballs and PVC pipes wrapped in duct tape.
Use football or baseball helmets for protection.

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