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Scary ghost stories around a campfire are the traditional ending to a day at camp. Whether at a scout's first Webelos camp or a seasoned Boy Scout's high adventure, short stories told to the rest of the gang give a boy a chance to be the leader for a few minutes. Choosing an appropriate story can be a challenge - especially those about a scary ghost or horror. Remember that if somene is too scared to sleep, it will effect everyone the next day. It might be better to keep the stories funny or at least end with a couple of light-hearted tales.
Good luck finding a short story here to make your campfires and meetings great. We hope you enjoy our favorites - as humorous or scary as they may be.

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Favorite Stories

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Ghost with One Black Eye
How Bear Lost His Tail
How Chipmunk Got His Stripes
Vinder Viper
Job at the Zoo
Two Traveling Angels
The Christmas Scout
Ghost of Able Fable
Pink Jellybean
Purple Gorilla
Girl Who Climbed to the Sky
Wisest Indian
Horrible Pirate
Falling Rock
Wolf and Dog
Fire Tail
Grandmother Spider Steals Light
Cricket and Cougar
Battle of the Snakes
Field Mouse and Buffalo
How 10,000 Lakes Were Made
How Turtle's Shell Got Cracked
How Mosquitoes Came To Be
Stone Soup

The telling of a humorous short story can help a group of scouts relax before bed. A good way to bond a scout patrol is to ask the patrol members to come up with a couple of short stories for the next campout. They may even have one or two patrol favorites which they can tell to new scouts on their first campouts with the troop. Most of the stories here are not about ghosts or horrors so you should be able to find a few for scouts of any age.

 Feb 27, 2012 - Amandah-Kayte Lead
I enjoy this website, I have used many of the ideas on here to help with programme ideas for my own troop in Perth, Western Australia. Great Site.
Dec 29, 2012 - Stefanos ALEVRAS
Greetings from Athens, Greece.
Thank you for the stories, wil translate and tell them to the troop.

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