Boy Scout Advertising

Boy Scout Trail Advertising

Boy Scout Trail Advertising

I welcome companies and organizations that would like to increase their exposure to scouting families through Boy Scout Trail. Here's some info on advertising your organization, service, product, ... on this site.
If your question is not answered here, please Contact Me.

Some Numbers
Boy Scout Trail receives between 8,000 and 18,000 visits each day, usually over 12,000.
There were over 18.2 million page views and 4.4 million visits in 2014.
The site has over 6,000 pages of content.
The google rank fluctuates from 4 to 5, usually 4.

Google Ads
Most ads are delivered from Google Adwords. These are on the right and the bottom of this page.
This is probably the simplest, most efficient, and least expensive way for you to reach my visitors. Just go to google, create an Adwords account, deposit some $$$, and target this site.
If you use google ads, you set the amount you pay per ad. I have no idea how much you spend to advertise nor how many clicks you get - that's between you and google.

Custom Ads
The animated image ads at the left and top are companies that advertise directly with me.
The least visited ad receives about 5 clicks/day and the most popular gets 16 clicks/day. Placement and style effect the popularity of the ad.
The number of click-thrus that result in purchases is between you and your customer.

Some of the current advertisers pay with their product rather than money. This allows me to hand out cool scouting stuff to scouts in my community and gives your company a bit more exposure with a bit less real cost.

New custom ads are added to the bottom of the column of ads on the left side. As advertisers end their campaigns, existing ads move up the column to better placement. Whoever has been supporting the site longest is at the top.
These ads are paid for on an annual basis, not per click-thru or per display. If the site gets more or less visitors, or more or less visitors click your ad, it does not change what you paid for the year.

Monthly Drawing
I give away prizes each month to some random entries. Companies have contributed items to be given away in exchange for exposure in the email that is sent to all entries each month.
The monthly drawing email goes out to about 4,000 addresses. There are typically about 1,000 entries each month and I send to addresses from the past few months also.
Any bounced addresses, and addresses older than about 6 months, get removed from the list so it is always accurate.

Please Contact Me if you are interested in advertising, contributing drawing prizes, or have questions.

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This site is not officially associated with the Boy Scouts of America
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