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One of the challenges of a leader with a large group of scouts is checking their advancement requirements. This can take quite a bit of time and effort. Sometimes, scouts will attempt to advance before they have adequately learned the skills or gained required knowledge. These online tests are intended to help scouts check their understanding of information before attempting their advancement.

A scout should take a test after he has studied the information and thinks he has the knowledge to pass the test. Taking a test to learn the information is not an effective use of the online test.

Some tests give the scout an opportunity to email his results to his adult leader. You can review how well the scout did and find out where he may need to devote more time.

Webelos Rank Test
Arrow of Light Test
Boy Scout Oath and Law Test

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 Sep 19, 2012 - Henry L. Bryan
Great idea to have online tests for First Aid and Knots.  I would like to make a suggestion.  

Has the BSA investigated the idea of using DVD's to instruct the information required for merit badges?  DVDs would use current technology in assisting scouts in their quest for merit badges. It also would assist those boys who learn better through audio/video means.  

DVDs would standardize the required material, and, when coupled with required activites, would provide hands-on opportunities for personal development.

DVDs would also greatly assist troops which do not have unlimited resources for merit badge counselors.

Sep 26, 2012 - dan
As a relatively new scouter/leader,there is so much to learn and discover about the wonderful opportunities that we can offer to our youth through the Scouting program. I wished that I had been involved with scouting when I was younger but it is never too late to become involved. As for the use of DVDS to instruct scouts for merit badge work or to learn about a particular interest then I feel that it would be an excellent avenue of self learning for scouts and leaders. The DVDS could supplement training and provide a learning experience for scouts and leaders who might learn better through the use of media such as audio/DVDS.
Sep 28, 2012 - Abe
I definately 3rd that motion! I've actuall been thinking of video taping the knot tying and just looping it as I work with each Scout.
Oct 18, 2012 - Jeni Clark
Rather than DVDs I would suggest an online model due to the ease of distribution. Also there are several good knot videos that loop. Check the ap store.
Nov 21, 2012 - Quinton
Having been a Scout Leader (Cub through Eagle) for roughly the past 18 years now, I personally think presenting ANY information to scouts solely through video is NOT a good idea.  A SHORT video presentation during an instructor led session might be acceptable.  Kids spend WAY too much time these days in front of televisions, computers, video games and cell phones.  Scouts is a way to remove them from the video screen, and get them outside.  There is information passed on to young persons in a personal demonstration that video cannot provide.  To suggest that video should be used to instruct young scouts negates the very embodiment and purpose of the scouting program and mentorship ideals.
Jan 01, 2013 - Ezra
I second your motion Quinton
Feb 08, 2013 - jerrold cassin
I agree with you whole heartedly, Quinton. I have been in scouting since age 8, am now 69 & an assit. Scout Master. Back in the day we didn't have video to learn from, hands on training worked then and it works now. These boys today like to get their hands dirty, if its lashings their learning, they want to do the lashing. Watching a video gives them the ideas behind lashings, but they want to and need to get their hands on the ropes to learn  the ropes. Not wanting to sound harsh but any leader that chooses video for the majority of their teaching is just plain lazy.
These kids today sit in front of the screen too much as it is. They were born with a brain, an inquisitive nature, and two hands to use for more than a toggle lever. If you are new to scouting, buy a scout manual, read it, learn the knots well enough to teach a Tenderfoot the Square Knot, don't be ashamed if you goof once in a while, you don't  have to be perfect, just present as often as you can.
Dec 13, 2013 - Robert J, Abate
I agree with those of you who believe that scouts should learn from hands on experience. I spent 14 years as a scout when I was younger and loved every moment and experience that I had. I am currently thinking about becoming a staff member and getting back into the field. I wish i had chosen to do so ealier. I love working with youth and have been training them in Martial Arts, Sunday school, and through care taking and other sources for years now. I am sixty eight years young and still enjoy the outdoors. I still remember all of my knots tying,building lean to's, and fire making and safety, and many other things I was taught as a youngster. I need to get back into it. I know i can do a lot of good to serve these young pioneers, enjoy doing it and make a little bit of money at the same time. My main goal is to spend the rest of my years on this earth serving and helping others. i can also say that it is good to know First Aid, because you never know when it might come in handy.
Feb 05, 2014 - G Peter Schmitt Sr.
Hands on is important however videos can be valuable educational tools to assist the Scout in learning,  reinforcing and standardizing training. Videos are now used exclusively for much of the Scouter Training. Please expand the video training available as and additional adjunct. The videos would help the Scout better understand the printed manuals and diagrams    
Feb 06, 2014 - G Peter Schmitt Sr.
An electronic version of all the Scouting manuals should also be created using the video links as an additional adjunct to the diagrams and would allow more flexibility to update the manuals on a more regular basis...saving a few trees and be in keeping with how school textbooks are now presented. My children's public school system has now gone as far to give each student a tablet computer with text book being added in electronic format.    

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