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Boy Scout First Aid Test

Boy Scout First Aid Test

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There are 11 questions.
Select the best answer for each question.


1. What type of injury is this?
An open (compound) fracture.
A complex fracture.
A closed (simple) fracture.
A disjointed bone.

2. What type of injury is this?
An open (compound) fracture.
A complex fracture.
A closed (simple) fracture.
A disjointed bone.

3. You use this bandage to do which one of the following.
This keeps your shoe on if your laces break.
Binds a sprained ankle while hiking.
Bandaging for broken or crushed toes.
Not a recommended bandage and should not be used.

4. Explain the purpose of this bandage?
This is a cummerbund wrap is only used for bandaging under formal wear.
For spinal injury. Wrap tightly around chest in immobilize the spine.
For fractured rib, place cravat over break. As victim breathes out, tighten cravat and tie. Repeat with other cravats.
For fractured rib. Avoid placing cravat over break, instead place a cravat over, then under the actual break.

5. How would you solve this common fishing accident?
Carefully try to remove the embedded hook by pulling it back the way it went in.
Push the hook farther in, in a shallow curve, until the point comes through the skin. Cut off the barb with wire cutters, then back out the hook through the entry wound.
Wrap bandages around the finger to immobilize the hook, then call an ambulance.

6. The Poison Ivy plant produces an oil that irritates the skin of most people. Touching this plant can cause a rash, possibly severe, with redness, blisters, swelling, itching, burning, fever, and headache. What can you do about it?
Wash all exposed areas thoroughly with soap and water. Wipe with rubbing alcohol. If the rash is mild, apply calamine lotion or other soothing skin lotion.
Seek medical help immediately, especially if a rash appears on the face or genitals.
Unless the plant is chewed or swallowed no first aid is necessary. If the plant is chewed or swallowed, wash affected area with soap and water.
A rash will not appear for two weeks, so there is usually plenty of time to wash off the irritating oils that may have come in contact with your skin.

7. This basic knot has what advantage?
Use this bandage to hide Walkman earphones from the Scoutmaster so he will not confiscate them before your favorite song is finished playing.
For earache, wrap bandage around head to keep out the wind.
For severe toothache place cotton between cheek and tooth, applying slight pressure. Support with bandage.
For fractures of the lower jaw, put hand below jaw and raise it gently until upper and lower teeth meet. Support jaw with bandage.

8. Triangle bandage for the head is used for what type of injury?
Use for hyperthermia to maintain body temperature because ninety percent of heat loss is through the head.
Use when the entire scalp needs to be covered.
Use for hypothermia to maintain body temperature because ninety percent of heat loss is through the head
Only used when there is severe injury to the forehead.

9. Why was this Scout's eyes covered?
Because the Scoutmaster wants him to be quiet. Covering the eyes makes a Scout calm.
His eyes were stinging and burning.
There is something in his eye and you cannot get it out, so both his eyes were covered with dry sterile gauze pads before taking him to the doctor.
Pads were wet with warm milk and applied to the eye lids so the dirt under the eyelids would dissolve.

10. This is the proper way to bandage what type of injury?
Always use this method to secure a broken leg.
The heel and foot is supported by a cravat which helps immobilize a fractured ankle.
This is a common shin splint.
Never use this method since it prevents blood from circulating in the foot.

11. What is this sling used for?
This is how you immobilize a broken collarbone.
This is how you immobilize a severely twisted wrist.
The sling keeps your injured elbow from moving around during the trip to the doctors office.
This is how you immobilize a broken hand.


A well-trained scout is a ready scout. Being prepared for situations in which first aid training is required is a sign of a good boy scout. Whether in the wilderness outdoors or a large city, situations will come up where a first aid kit accompanied with thorough training may make the difference between life and death. Safety is a major training portion of the Boy Scouts and that includes recovery as well as prevention.

 Jul 18, 2012 - William E. Morris
Good review and test
Feb 05, 2014 - keenon payne
hey,Iam a boyscouts of troop 641 in memphis and I go to camp at boxwell.Im am just saying thank you for all thay you have don.Have a nice day!

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