Lewis and Clark Ceremony for Webelos scouts

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Lewis and Clark   Lewis and Clark Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Webelos scouts.
Crossover bridge
Setting: A bridge is in the center stage. One side of the bridge is represented as the Cub Scout side and the other side as the Boy Scout side. Cubmaster and Scoutmaster(s) stand on the appropriate sides.

Cubmaster: Our scouts earn many rewards and we perform many ceremonies honoring their accomplishments. Arguably, none is more momentous than the one we now celebrate. During their years as Cub Scouts, they have enjoyed themselves at campouts, field trips, Pinewood Derbies, parades, meetings, and all kinds of events. But Scouting, as our founder Robert Baden-Powell said, is Aa game with a purpose". That purpose is to develop their characters, their leadership, and practical skills – giving them valuable tools that will benefit them their entire lives. Any boy who was ever a Scout at any level will never forget the experience.

I would like those Webelos scouts ready to cross over to a Boy Scout troop to step forward with their parents and leaders now.

(scouts, parents, and leaders come forward.)

Cubmaster: Over two hundred years ago, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned an expedition to explore this great continent. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark along with their party faced many hardships in navigating from the east, up the Missouri River, and after more than a year’s journey to the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Picture as they stood near the bottom of those snow-covered mountains, looking up at the challenge before them. They were driven to reach their goal, believing that once they reached the mountain pass they would cross the continental divide and find a river to float down to the sea. Imagine their surprise when after an arduous trek up the mountain they finally crested the pass – and found nothing but more mountains before them as far as the eye could see.

So it is with Cub Scouting. These scouts have experienced and accomplished much during their years in our Pack. It is tempting to see today as the end of their journey. In reality, today is the day they crest the ridge and begin to discover the wonders before them, as the real adventure is only beginning. All they have done and everything they have learned so far is in preparation for the next exciting phase of their lives, one that offers unlimited opportunity. Just as Lewis and Clark successfully traversed the Rockies and reached the Pacific, they too can achieve their goals while developing themselves in the process.

So while we may be tempted to see an ending and we may be sad to see these scouts leave our pack, we know that today truly marks just a transition and a new beginning for these young men about to embark on the great adventure of Boy Scouting. These Webelos have worked hard for this moment and have earned many advancements along the way. They should be proud of their accomplishments. And yet, it is now time to leave the things of Cub Scouting behind. Our rank badges, our pins, our belt loops, our Webelos colors all deserve a place of pride in displays on our walls, in scrapbooks, and in keepsake drawers. But except for the Arrow of Light for those who have earned it, we cannot take them with us to Boy Scouts.
Parents, please remove the Cub Scout insignia from your boy's uniform.

(Parents do this.)

Now it is time to leave Cub Scouting behind and become Boy Scouts.
I will call each of you by name and tell which troop you have decided to join. When I do, please leave your parents behind and cross over the bridge, where you will be greeted by your new troop. In the Cub Scouts, all of our activities we did with our families. Now that you are older, you will be more independent and will most often be on your own with the other members of your troop.

(optional gift for each scout crossing over)
Before you leave, I offer you one last gift from the pack. We have prepared you for Boy Scouts to the best of our ability, and we send you off with your Boy Scout Handbook so that you are ready to start your new adventure.

(One at a time, call off each scout's name and troop, give Scout handshake and present gift and allow to cross over to be greeted by troop.)

Cubmaster: These are your new Boy Scouts, ready for the adventures ahead of them.
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