Four Winds Cross-over Ceremony for Webelos scouts

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Four Winds Cross-over   Four Winds Cross-over Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Webelos scouts.
4 candles, matches.
4 scouts, Akela, den leader, 1 volunteer for lights.
Script for each of 4 scouts.
The Webelos and their parents are escorted out of the room by the Webelos den leader.
When the Webelos have left the room, light the 4 candles of the 4 scouts and have them take their positions in the corners of the room. Be sure to use candles with wide wax drip shields.

Akela: Our pack is gathered to recognize some of our brothers that are about to travel further on the trail of scouting. Please bring in the Webelos.
(volunteer signals den leader to lead the Webelos in to the front of the room.)

Akela: You have experience much in your adventures in Cub Scouts. You have explored, learned, and grown as you progressed through the ranks. It is now time for you to take on new challenges outside our Pack. The winds from the four directions of the compass have thoughts to share with you.

North Wind: I am the North Wind. People say I am cold, but you have grown to accept me because you have been true-blue Scouts and have lived up to the Law of the Pack. Accept others that you meet on your scouting trail.

South Wind: I am the South Wind. Over hill and dale I have blown fair and warm on your outdoor adventures as you explored the world around you. As Cub Scouts you have been cheerful and friendly - a credit to your den and pack. Continue to be cheerful and friendly as you follow the Scout Law.

East Wind: I am the East Wind. I bring the worst of storms on my gusts. Through the challenges you faced in Cub Scouts, you have shown that you are brave and helpful to others. Remain brave in the face of hardship and keep looking for ways to help those in need.

West Wind: I am the West Wind. I bring warmth, fair weather, and blue skies. You have shown yourself to be a trustworthy Webelos scout, loyal to your den of brothers. Loyalty and trust will fill your life with fair skies and good friends as you scout outside our Pack.

All Winds: (in unison) We will be with you forever. We wish you the best of luck in your travels and experiences on the Scouting trail.

(volunteer turns on room lights)
Akela: As the winds have spoken, the Pack wishes you a great scouting trail ahead. Pack, please stand.
Let's give a big Pack Cheer for these great scouts!

Akela: The leader(s) from Troop(s) [numbers, ...] are here to accept you into their troops. If you have chosen a troop, please go to them when your name and new troop number are announced.
(Call out the name and troop for each scout)
(You might add the removal of Webelos neckerchief and blue shoulder loops to the ceremony if the troops have green shoulder loops and troop neckerchiefs ready)

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