Iktomi's Spider web Ceremony for Cub Scouts

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Iktomi's Spider web   Iktomi's Spider web Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Cub Scouts.
Weaving frame
Weaving shuttle
Begin with several strings tied across a frame, meeting at a central point.
(While telling the story, weave a web in and out of the cross strings using a shuttle, working from the outside in)

Would the following Scouts and their parents please come forward?
(call off names)

The story is told that long ago an old Lakota climbed the highest mountain to seek spiritual enlightenment. While there, he had a vision of the spider, Iktomi, who is known as a teacher of wisdom.

Iktomi began speaking, and as he did, he began spinning a web. Starting from the outside and working inward, he spun around and around in circles.
He spoke of the cycle of life, beginning with infancy and youth, adulthood, and old age, where one might again need to be cared for as an infant, completing the cycle.

Remember that throughout your life, you will encounter many forces. Some are good, and some are not. Those that are good will help you, while those that are bad will hinder you.

You see that the web forms a perfect circle but that there is a hole in the center. Use the web to catch the best ideas and influences. But let the hole (hold up finished web) allow the bad ones to pass through.

It serves us well to heed Iktomiís advice. You have earned your awards through hard work. You would not have made it this far without following the good influences in your lives.
Every time you see a spider web, remember to catch and keep those good things that come into our lives while letting the bad pass through.

Parents, please pin your sonsí awards on their left pocket flap. Parents, the pin is yours to keep to signal your pride in your sonsí accomplishments.

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