Webelos Activity Badge Requirements

Webelos Program Schedule

Webelos Program Schedule

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2 patrol meetings each month (2nd Thursday at 7pm for 1.5 hrs, 4th Sunday at 2pm for 3 hrs)
1 pack meeting each month Thursday at 7pm
The Guide is responsible for planning activities for the month's den meeting, hosting the den meeting, and arranging an outing for the den. The guide uses a Guide Planner document to organize the plan and gives it to the den leader for review at least 2 weeks before the month begins.
Each month, a new activity badge is scheduled so all 20 badges are presented in the 20 months - this includes the summer months.
Notes are additional reminders of events to schedule and awards to be planned and received.
A blank version of this document is available here.
See this fun way to Track Webelos Activity Pin Completions.
Andy  June Travelerthis is a good badge to use as an intro to the activity badge concepts. Scouts can work on the requirements over the summer as they go on family trips.
Paul  July Aquanaut,
We will do most of this at Webelos camp!
Safe Swim Defense Rules
Den Hike to Ft. Snelling
Paul JustinAugust NaturalistDen Hike at Lowry Nature Center
Paul JoshSeptember ForesterFirst Pack Mtg
Den Campout in backyard
Den conservation project
Start work on religious requirements for Webelos badge.
Den Hike at Richardson Nature Center
Dave AndrewOctober Citizen Complete World Conservation Award
Do den 'Good Turn' for Citizen badge
Receive Traveler, Aquanaut badge at Pack Mtg
Andy JoeNovember FitnessParents need to help with Fitness badge.
Receive Outdoorsman, Naturalist, Forester badges at Pack Mtg
Bob BrandonDecember CraftsmanNo badges at Working Wood Pack Mtg
Complete religious requirements for Webelos badge
Paul Chris CJanuary ReadymanDen Campout at cabin.
Receive Fitness, Citizen, Webelos rank badge, and World Conservation Awards
Transfer to tan uniforms and create patrol.
Start Emergency Preparedness Award work.
Ricardo AlvaroFebruary ArtistPack Mtg is BlueGold dinner so no badges.
Start work on 2 months of jobs for Family Member badge.
  JustinMarch Family MemberReceive Readyman, Craftsman badges, and Compass emblem
Mike Chris MApril SportsmanPatrol service project.
Receive Artist badge and Emergency Preparedness Award.
Continue work on Family Member chores.
Andy JackMay AthleteReceive Sportsman badge and first Compass point.
Patrol Campout
Bob John-PaulJune HandymanPatrol conservation project
Patrol Campout
Paul JoshJuly GeologistPatrol Campout
   August  Webelos Camp at Camp Stearns
Andy JoeSeptember ShowmanReceive Family Member, Handyman badges
Start Arrow of Light Boy Scout related items.
Judy Chris MOctober CommunicatorCamp Stearns Campout.
Receive second compass point and Geologist badge
Find school teacher to help with Scholar.
Attend Troop Fall Outing.
Attend Troop Conservation project.
Ricardo AlvaroNovember ScientistReceive Showman badge
Paul BrandonDecember ScholarNo badges at Working Wood Pack Mtg
Complete Arrow of Light Boy Scout related.
Dean JustinJanuary EngineerReceive third compass point and Communicator, Scientist, Scholar badges at Pack Mtg
   February  Receive Engineer badge at BlueGold
Receive Arrow of Light at BlueGold.
Receive Super Scout at BlueGold.
Choose Boy Scout Troop to join.
   March  Have fun as a Boy Scout!


 Mar 23, 2015 - Iris
I love this sample schedule. It seems I am about to become Webelos den leader with my soon-to-be Webelos I scout (he has been a scout since Wolf). The small den will be mixed Webelos I and II scouts, maybe slightly more of the fourth graders than fifth graders--unless additional boys join. Will there be a similar sample schedule produced for the new 2015 program with "Adventures"? I would love to see that! Thanks so much for all you do for us scouting parents.

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