Akela's Arrows Advancement Ceremony for Cub Scouts

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Akela's Arrows Advancement   Akela's Arrows Advancement Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Cub Scouts.
Two leaders - Akela and Baloo - probably Cubmaster and Advancement Chair.
This ceremony is good for a pack meeting where you are trying to catch any advancements that were not completed with the rest of each den or were not available to be recognized.
It recognizes one or more boys at Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos ranks.
Baloo: Long ago, Akela had to pass a test to prove himself worthy of becoming chief. All the braves of the tribe were given four arrows each. These were special arrows, once they had been used they would shatter. Each brave promised to only eat food they had caught themselves. The brave who stayed out the longest would become chief.

Akela: I walked far from camp and stopped at the side of a clearing. I waited all night for a deer to come by. I took careful aim and shot. It provide me with food for many days. It's hide provided me with clothing.

Baloo: This showed that Akela had learned the basic skills he needed. It also showed the virtue of patience. The rank of Bobcat indicates the Cub Scout has learned basic cub scout skills.
I would like the following boys that have earned their Bobcat Badge to come up and join us by the campfire. Your parents will join you later.
(announce names and wait until they have all arrived)

Akela: I walked along the trail near the stream. There, I came upon a friend laying in the trail. He had used up all his arrows and was starving. I saw a bobcat in a nearby tree. I wanted to save my arrows for bigger game, but my friend was starving. So, I shot the bobcat and cooked it for my friend.

Baloo: This act of caring showed Akela had learned the value of friendship and that he was unselfish. The Wolf badge indicates the Cub Scout has learned new things as he travels the trail of Scouting. These new Wolf scouts should be come up to the campfire.
(read names and wait for them)

Akela: As I followed the trail by the stream, I came face to face with a huge wolf. It growled and started running toward me. I strung my bow, took careful aim and, when he was near, I shot and killed him. He provided me with food for many more days. His warm coat provided me with shelter from the cold nights.

Baloo: Staying calm and having steady aim showed that Akela is brave. This is also why the Pack honors the Cub Scouts at the next level of accomplishment with the Bear badge.
I would like these new Bears to join us now.
(read names)

Akela: The meat from the wolf lasted for many days, but soon I had to continue on to search of more food. I came upon a bear that had just killed a dear. The bear saw me and ran off. I was hungry, but I had promised to only eat food I had killed, so I continued on.

Baloo: By remembering his promise and being honest, Akela demonstrated that he is trustworthy. To earn the Webelos badge, the Cub Scout must learn the Boy Scout law which includes being Trustworthy.
These Webelos should join us now.
(read names)

Akela: I was now many days from camp. I needed food to give me the strength to make it home or I would die. So, I tracked the bear I had seen before. I took my last arrow, took careful aim, shot, and missed. I was scared because I had no food or arrows. As I turned and started back to camp, I prayed to the great spirit for strength and guidance. Suddenly, I saw the arrow; it was still whole. I followed the bear's trail again. I took aim and shot him. I now had enough food to return home.

Baloo: Akela learned that sometimes even the strongest, bravest, most skilled scouts need to ask for help. We all need help sometimes, even these cub scouts that have just advanced. Their parents provide that help. So, will the parents please come up and stand behind their sons.
(wait for all to arrive)

Baloo: Pack, please stand. Join me in congratulating these fine scouts! (Applause)

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