Indian Bear to Webelos Ceremony for Bear scouts, Webelos scouts

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Indian Bear to Webelos   Indian Bear to Webelos Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Bear scouts, Webelos scouts.
Fire or artificial indoor fire
Indian headbands with feathers for Den Chief and Den Leader
Webelos neckerchiefs, slides, handbooks, caps
3 Webelos scouts memorize the 3 Winds parts.
Den Chief, Den Leader, and Akela have speaking parts.
Current Webelos den members come forward and sit in a circle around the fire with the den leader and den chief standing to the side of the circle.

Advancement Chair, Cubmaster, or Bear den leader is Akela.

Akela: Scouts of the Webelos tribe, I know of [number] boys who wish to join your council fire.
Den Chief: Who are these boys that wish to join us?
Akela: They are scouts of the Bear ... [read names].
Den Chief: These Bears may come forward to the edge of our fire to be tested.
(Bear scouts come forward. Beat drum while they are gathering.)

Den Chief: Give the Cub Scout salute.
Den Chief: Show me the Cub Scout handshake. (shakes with each scout)
Den Chief: Wait here. (goes to the Den Leader)
Den Chief: These scouts of the Bear are ready to join the Webelos.
(hit drum once)

Den Leader: Do I hear the South Wind?
South Wind: I am the South Wind. I wish you good Scouting. As Cub Scouts you have been happy, game, and fair, and a credit to your den and pack.
(hit drum once)

Den Leader: Do I hear the East Wind?
East Wind: I am the East Wind. I wish you well. I have spread the story of your fun and happiness as Bobcats, Wolves, and Bears in Cub Scouting with Pack [number], and how you lived up to the Cub Scout promise.
(hit drum once)

Den Leader: Do I hear the West Wind?
West Wind: I am the West Wind. I would like everyone to know that these Cub Scouts going into the Webelos den did not walk the trail of Cub Scouting alone. Each had the help of his parents.
(hit drum once)

Den Leader: What are all the winds saying?
All Winds: (All the winds in unison.) We wish you the best of luck in the Webelos den.

Den Leader: The purpose of Webelos is to prepare scouts for their adventures ahead in Boy Scouts. Each Webelos scout can earn the Webelos badge and Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light Award.

Den Leader: Webelos, welcome these Bears into your tribe by putting on their Webelos neckerchief and slide, and cap, and giving him his Webelos Scout Handbook.
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