Arrow of Light Webelos Bridging Ceremony for Webelos scouts

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Arrow of Light Webelos Bridging   Arrow of Light Webelos Bridging Ceremony   Scout Ceremony

This Ceremony is meant for Webelos scouts.
troop neckerchiefs
red shoulder loops
lashed bridge
candle for each Webelos scout
wooden target arrows
Arrow of Light candleholder
This ceremony works well at a spring campout, with the Boy Scouts supervising the construction of a bridge from poles and rope. Cub Scout flags are positioned at one end of the bridge and Boy Scout flags, Boy Scouts, and Scoutmaster at the other end.
First, do the crossing ceremony for Webelos that have not attained the Arrow of Light, but are joining a troop.

Webelos Den Leader: Webelos Scout [Webelos Scout name], please come forward and bring your parents.
(When scout approaches, den leader shakes his hand and says a few words about his career in the pack. The Scout and parents stand to the side while the other Webelos are brought forward.)

Webelos Den Leader: These Webelos scouts have outgrown our Pack. They need more challenge and more adventure than we can provide. They are ready to move forward into Boy Scouts. I would like to congratulate them on their achievements and wish them well on the other side of the bridge.
(Shake hand with each scout as they are directed across the bridge with their parents.)

(On the Boy Scout side of the bridge, the Boy scouts will present the Webelos with their new Boy Scout neckerchiefs and red shoulder loops. Then send them back to their seats or allow them to sit with the Scouts while the parents return to their seats.)

Webelos Den Leader: Would the following Cub Scouts who have achieved the Arrow Of Light please come forward with their parents. [Say each scout name]

(When all scouts are in place, Cubmaster steps forward.)
Cubmaster: Stop! These scouts may not yet leave our Pack. I, Akela, declare that they have achieved the greatest of all Cub Scout honors and must be recognized for their accomplishments. These scouts have honored Akela and their parents and families. The road to the Arrow of Light is not an easy one and this accomplishment is not to be taken lightly. These scouts have shown their courage to continue and see a task through to the end. In this end, there is a new beginning. The beginning of new leadership for tomorrow. We gather here tonight to honor these scouts and we are humbled by their accomplishment. They show us that by following the proper trail and facing the challenges it presents us, we can all reach our destination.

Webelos Den Leader: Great Akela, please tell us of the trail these scouts followed to achieve the Arrow Of Light.

Akela: (recites Arrow of Light requirements and explains significance of their accomplishment, then presents each boy with a candle.)
Webelos Scouts, please light your candles.
(the scouts light candles and place them on Arrow of Light sign placed between the Cub Scout flags.)

Akela: Scouts, please face the campfire. Bearer of the Arrow, present arrows. (Webelos Den Leader comes forward with arrows, one for each Webelos. These are wooden target arrows with a small piece of flash paper from local magic shop wrapped around tip)

Webelos Den Leader: These arrows symbolize the straight path one must follow. The light symbolizes the enlightenment of knowledge and for doing right for others. As proof that you have earned this recognition, pass the tip of your arrow through the flame you set out for the world to see.
(Have scouts, one at a time, hold the feather end of their arrow and hold the tip in the flame of their candle they put on the Arrow of Light sign. It should flash brightly.)

Webelos Den Leader: Akela will now present the Arrow Of Light to the Scouts. Scouts, follow Akela to complete the secret ceremony. (Cubmaster leads scouts into the shadows, out of sight, where he explains that the Arrow of Light patch can be worn on the uniform centered below the left pocket. It can remain there, even when they join a Boy Scout troop. He hands out the Arrow of Light patch and parent pin to each scout. They then return.)

Akela: These scouts have completed their Arrow of Light ritual. Their last step is to thank their parents for the support given so the scouts could reach this point. To demonstrate that thanks, each scout will fix the parent pin to his mother's or father's lapel.

Webelos Den Leader: Parents, please escort your scout to the bridge, but wait on this side as he crosses over alone into the world of Boy Scouting.

(On the Boy Scout side, the Boy Scouts present each scout with his new Boy Scout neckerchief and red shoulder loops. They then send the scout back to escort their parents across and introduce them to the Scoutmaster.)

(after an appropriate length of time, continue)
Akela: Pack [number], join me in congratulating these new Boy Scouts with a [pack cheer, roar, applause, ...]!
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