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JanuaryCub Scouts Spread the NewsFitness, ReadymanWilderness Survival

Let's make news for the New Year. Cub Scouts can make headlines this month and learn about the history of news reporting. The pack spreads the good news about Cub Scouting by inviting the local radio, TV or cable channels to the pack meeting or the upcoming blue and gold banquet. Plan field trips to visit them at their workplace. Dens can publish articles and pictures in a den or pack newsletter or make their own videotape to be shown at the pack meeting or next months blue and gold banquet. Let your Cub Scouts experience the different roles on a news team and hold either a press conference or a news broadcast at the pack meeting. Use props and scripts created by the boys and a camcorder to record the broadcast or pack events. Cub Scouts can learn many different ways to spread the "news" about Scouting this month.
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FebruaryIt's a Scouting Celebration Scholar, EngineerCitizenship

It's the 75th birthday of Cub Scouting! Explore the history and beginnings of Cub Scouting, and the history of the pack and of your den. Celebrate the wonder of Scouting at your blue and gold banquet. The boys will experience the history of Scouting as they prepare centerpieces and decorations for the blue and gold banquet. Consider including a scrapbook of the history of the den or pack. Dedicate your pack meeting to Lord Baden Powell. Skits can bring Scouting highlights to life. Don't forget Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath!
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MarchInvention Convention Athlete, EngineerPioneering

Every Cub Scout can be a genius or an inventor. Give each boy a Cub Scout Genius Kit prepared from odds and ends that can be recycled and tell him to invent something with these materials. Cub Scouts will learn about recycling. What do we recycle, and what becomes of it? How can we help as individuals and as citizens in the community? Present all the inventions at the pack meeting and award prizes to all category winners. Also have exhibits of what recycling is all about and how we can help. Don't forget that everyone is a winner and needs recognition. Learn about inventors and geniuses of the past, present, and future. Let your imagination and your own genius lead the way.
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AprilWaterways of the USA SportsmanFamily MemberEnvironment

Rivers have been a vital part of our environment for many years. Cub Scouts can use a map to trace where their local river begins, then draw other waterways that connect to it as the water flows to the ocean. Dens can invite environmental agencies to talk about the local rivers and their resources. Scouts can also learn how early explorers used rivers, and how important rivers are in transporting people and products. Discover how rivers are used as a water irrigation source and how we harness the power of some rivers for electricity. Investigate the history, folklore or legends, songs, and types of boats that are associated with rivers. Dens can help with the cleanliness of their local river while working on their World Conservation Award or the Conservation Good Turn Award. Packs can hold a raingutter regatta using a variety of boat styles.
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MayPet Pals Outdoorsman, HandymanOrienteering

It's not just our parents and siblings who live with us but our pets do as well. Learn to care for a pet and draw or take their picture to show at the pack meeting. The American Humane Association has designated the first full week of May as "Be kind to Animals Week." Discuss responsible care of pets. Visit a local pet shop and see different kinds of exotic pets. Make something for your pet like a toy or a new home at the den meeting. Remember, don't pet strange animals.
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JuneDestination: Parks Traveler, ArtistMechanics

America is blessed with an abundance of natural parks. Point out on a map where National or State Parks are located and why the land became a park. Learn the rules of safe hiking, about "hugging" a tree, and the Outdoor Code. Construct your own hiking stick and pack a backpack with personal first aid kit, food, water, insect repellent, sunscreen and a poncho. After exploring the trails at the local park or the council's Scout Camp, Scouts can tell what they saw. Work on a service project to improve the local park. Remember to leave the area better than you found it.
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JulyPlay Ball Aquanaut, GeologistHiking

The season of fun in the sun is here! This is the time of year for sports, outdoor picnics, and exploring. Dens should play sports and learn about sportsmanship. "Do Your Best" counts. Cub Scouts can work on sports belt loops and pins as they participate with their den or pack. Put the "Outing in Scouting" and go to a baseball game as a pack. Use the big outdoors and the time of summer to enjoy all that it offers. Get the baseball gloves, balls, and bats out and have your own baseball game between the parents and the Cub Scouts.
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AugustCampfire Tales and Traditions Naturalist, ForesterShooting

A campfire is a great way to close the summer and begin the fall. How about telling a few tall tales, songfest, folklore, and Native American lore? Use the Campfire Planning Guide as dens are assigned to prepare the different parts of your pack's campfire program. This will be a great opportunity to recruit, so invite potential new Cub Scouts. Webelos Scouts can learn about fire building and fire safety. How about marshmallows or s'mores around the campfire? Don't forget to leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it so that others can enjoy it as well.
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SeptemberCub Scout Roundup Communicator, CitizenSports

Explore the wild and wooly West as you round-up new membership. This month learn about the Chisholm Trail and its hardships. Locate on a map the actual route that the cattle drive took. Find out what the cowboys wore and the safety reason for each garment. Learn about leather and rope-making crafts from each. Plan a field trip to see horses and wagons or learn about Western history. Learn to sing "Home on the Range" and other western songs. Experience trail food as everyone tries beans and jerky for dinner.
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OctoberTo the Rescue Showman, CitizenEngineering

Cub Scouts will learn how to avoid accidents and be prepared for emergencies this month. Have a policeman talk about safety at home, at school and in public. Learn how to be safe around insects, snakes, animals and plants, or when swimming or riding a bike. Visit the local center for 9-1-1 calls so that Cub Scouts can learn how to call 9-1-1 and what information to give from the home, cell, or pay phone. Have an EMT teach basic age-appropriate Cub Scout first aid. Make first aid kits for boys' automobile, home or to carry with them. Use the buddy system during the den and pack meetings and have buddies develop a secret code or nickname. At the pack meeting, use games or mock accidents so that Cub Scouts can show they are prepared to come to the rescue.
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NovemberMy Family Tree Craftsman, ScientistHigh Adventure

Is your family Irish or Italian, Hispanic or Greek? Learn where your ancestors came from and trace your family's heritage. Find out what they did and what their customs were. Every family is different, and everyone has something special to offer. Bring something from your family to the pack meeting for Show and Tell. Make projects about different countries to display at the pack meeting. Read stories from other lands and find out what types of games are played in those countries. Have snacks at your den or pack meeting from different countries. Have your Cub Scouts work on the Academics belt loop for Heritages or Language and Culture.
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DecemberFaith, Hope and Charity Craftsman, ScientistTracking

This time of year is packed with family faiths, hopes for the future, duty to God, and charity to all. Service projects are a way to give thanks while helping those in need in our neighborhoods and in our schools. Share family or historic traditions with your den or pack. Celebrate the holiday season with foods and crafts that are appropriate to the various faiths. Build a glove or mitten tree during a pack meeting or organize a food collection where everyone brings something to share with the needy.
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