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JanuaryMusic MagicFitness, ReadymanHobbies

Cub Scouts will get their vocal cords humming and their instruments strumming in a musical extravaganza! Learn to sing a variety of styles like pop, country, or barbershop. Learn the history of a particular song or songs or learn about the various musical instruments. Why not use odds and ends to make your own instruments and accompany the choir? Den meetings can be your "rehearsals" and the pack meeting your "performance!" Best of all, everyone can join in and sing along. Take your show on the road to a local community activity or to a nursing home. Music is a universal language, so help to bring joy to the world by sharing it with others. Earn the Music academic belt loop and pin.
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FebruaryCubs in the Future Scholar, EngineerPublic Service

How will Cub Scouts celebrate the blue and gold banquet in the year 2106? What vehicle will take them? Will the stars be their guides? Make models of these new forms of transportation, a home or school of the future, and then use them as blue and gold banquet decorations. Create designs for future Cub Scout uniforms and awards. Build an exhibit of model campsites on a distant planet. Be creative with your futuristic menus. Top off the evening with intergalactic games.
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MarchCubstruction Athlete, EngineerCultural Diversity Disability Awareness

Boys love to build things. This month have the dens work with tools and wood. Learn about different kinds of wood and where it comes from. Make gifts for your family or bird or bat houses for the community. Work with your family to make repairs around your home. Visit the local hardware store or home- improvement store and see all the different tools. Get permission to visit a local construction site. Since the best gifts are often homemade, make handcrafted awards to present at the pack meeting.
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AprilOur Feathered Friends SportsmanFamily MemberWildlife Management

Learn about the various birds that live in your area or about the bald eagle, our national bird. Observe and take pictures or make posters, feeders, or birdhouses. Visit the library or search the Internet for information about birds all over the world. Ask a conservation officer to speak about attracting more birds to your area. At the pack meeting, dens can present what they’ve learned about birds and the projects they’ve made. To stimulate interest in Boy Scouts, invite an Eagle Scout to talk about his experiences on his trail to Scouting's highest rank.
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MayDiggin' in the Dirt Outdoorsman, HandymanCamping

Cub Scouts can discover what Mother Nature hides in the dirt and how the soil helps plants to grow. Have a “One Inch Hike” to learn the many things that can be found in the dirt. Learn what insects or animals make their homes in the ground. Make a window garden or terrarium and plant seeds or plants. Visit a green house or County Extension Office to see what plants can grow without soil, what it takes to grow healthy plants and how to test the soil. At the pack meeting, show items found in the ground (i.e. rocks, shells) or have a seed-eating party with edible seeds
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JuneInvent a Reason to Celebrate Traveler, ArtistEmergency Preparedness

Check your calendar for a variety of holidays we don’t normally celebrate. Did you know that every day in June is a holiday? June 15th is Smile Power Day, the 29th is Camera Day, the 10th is National Yo-Yo Day, and the 20th is Ice Cream Soda Day. Not only is June 14th Flag Day, but it is also Pop Goes the Weasel Day. You can celebrate a June holiday or create your own. Invent a new sandwich for Sandwich Day. June is National Accordion Awareness Month as well as Zoo and Aquarium Month. If you can’t find a holiday for your den, you can invent your own and celebrate it at the pack meeting.
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JulyRed, White & Baloo Aquanaut, GeologistHealth Care

Citizenship is taught through Cub Scouting. Our flag stands for our country. Learn about our flag and its history. How many different flags has the US had? Learn how to properly display the flag, carry it, and retire it. Display the flag on Independence Day. Learn about the many people who have given their lives for our flag and why we need to show respect when we handle our flag. Invite your local troop or VFW post to the pack meeting and have them perform a flag retirement ceremony. Practice patriotic songs like “You’re a Grand Ole Flag” and “The Star Spangled Banner” and sing them at the pack meeting. Invite a veteran to be a guest speaker and talk about defending our flag. Let’s all be proud of our flag and what it represents.
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AugustScouting it Out Naturalist, ForesterBoating/Canoeing

Get your Cub Scouts into the great outdoors and have fun, fun, fun. Enjoy nature and all it has to offer. Plan a pack outing that may include a pack family camp out, a hike, or a water party or just pack up the hotdogs and have a picnic. Teach the boys safety precautions for whatever activity you choose. Get out and enjoy the beauty of nature.
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SeptemberZoo Adventures Communicator, CitizenSafety

Cub Scouts love animals in every shape and size so why not visit a zoo, animal park, pet shop or nature center? Perhaps you can get a behind the scenes tour while you are there. Create a pet zoo or study a favorite animal and make displays for the pack meeting. Learn about the history of zoos and the important work they do to prevent the extinction of endangered species. Earn the Wildlife Conservation belt loop and pin.
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OctoberCub Scout Ship Builders Showman, CitizenNature

Ships have played an important role in the history of our country since the earliest colonial days. Build a model of a ship and tell your den what it was used for - whaling, transportation, fishing, military or commerce. Learn to tie a square knot and other knots used by sailors. Make sailors hats and sing sea chanteys. Hold a raingutter regatta. Visit a boatyard or a museum and learn how ships are made.
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NovemberCubs in Shining Armor Craftsman, ScientistBusiness

Let our heroes shine as they welcome new “Cub Knights” into their den and pack. Learn about chivalry and the rules of the round table. Make medieval costumes and design your own coat of arms. Find out what life was like in the times of castles and knights. Cub Scouts can be "knighted" as they advance in rank.
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DecemberCub Scout Stars Craftsman, ScientistFirst Aid

This month learn which constellations and stars light up our winter sky. Visit a planetarium or star gaze in a remote area. Don’t forget that the stars in the sky are not the only “stars” that shine. This is a great time for our Cub Scouts to shine by giving service, singing, performing in a skit or magic show, or any activity that exemplifies the purposes of Cub Scouting. Earn the Astronomy belt loop and pin.
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