Archery Belt Loop Requirements

Cub Scouts Archery Sports Belt Loop and Pin

Cub Scouts Archery Sports Belt Loop and Pin

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Loops and pins for Archery can be earned only in day camps, Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camps, council-managed family camping programs, or at council activities where there is properly trained supervision, and all guidelines for BSA shooting sports are implemented. Archery belt loops and pins cannot be earned at the pack, den, or individual level.
To be a qualified and trained archery range supervisor, adults must take part in an archery supervisor training program conducted by the local council with the help of a National Camping School-certified field sports director or a National Archery Association (NAA) instructor.
Archery programs are not permitted at den and pack activities.

Requirements for the Archery Sports Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements only at a council camp with a certified Cub Scout Archery shooting director present:
  1. Explain the rules for safe archery that you have learned in the district/council camp or activity you are attending with your leader or adult partner.
  2. Demonstrate to your leader or adult partner good archery shooting techniques,including the stance and how to nock the arrow, establish the bow, draw, aim, release, follow-through and retrieve arrows.
  3. Practice shooting at your district or council camp for the time allowed.

Requirements for the Archery Sports Pin

Earn the Archery belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements only at a council camp with a certified Cub Scout Archery shooting director present:
  1. Explain the parts of a bow and demonstrate how to string the bowstring in a proficient manner.
  2. Demonstrate how to properly use archery equipment, including arm guards, finger tabs, and quivers and explain about proper clothing.
  3. Develop proficient shooting techniques by practicing for three hours.
  4. Learn the correct scoring techniques for target archery.
  5. Make a poster that emphasizes the four whistle codes.
  6. Draw to scale or set up an archery range.
  7. Shoot 30 arrows from a distance of 30 feet at a target and score at least 50 points, or shoot 30 arrow from a distance of 90 feet and score at least 30 points.
  8. Help make a type of target for the camp archery range.
  9. Show how to put away and properly store archery equipment.
  10. Tell five facts about an archer in history or literature.

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Certificate

Before firing the Pro Archer course, the camper is to complete the following:
  1. Explain how to string your bow and explain the use of archery equipment.
  2. Be able to list and discuss nine points in "Shooting Techniques."

Shoot five groups (three arrows per group) trying to group each set within a circle the size of the nine-ring. (No specific score is required.)
Then fire for the Pro Archer score.

Pro Archer Scoring Levels
Level of Recognition Arrows Distance Score
Pro Archer3015 feet30
Archer I3020 feet30
Archer II3020 feet50
Archer III3020 feet100

In Cub Scout Archery, the camp awards the certificate when the Cub Scout or Webelos Scout qualifies for the different levels of recognition. It is possible to earn four certificates if every level of marksmanship has been accomplished.

Archery Worksheet

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