Vegetable Olympics Game for Cub Scouts

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Vegetable Olympics   Vegetable Olympics Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Cub Scouts.
This Game should be done Inside.
1 baking pan
For each patrol:
1 potato
1 cup dried kidney or pinto beans
10 baby carrots
2 stalks celery
20 round toothpicks
5 plastic cups
15 foot string
1 fork
sheet of paper and pencil
Collection of vegetable-related games for winter indoor meeting fun.

Bean Planting Relay
Lay out a 15 foot string for each patrol. Every 3 feet along the string, set a plastic or dixie cup.

Each scout walks heel-to-toe following a string stretched across the floor.
Every 3 feet, there is a plastic cup into which he must try to drop one bean without bending over.
When he reaches the end, he turns around and repeats the bean planting back to his patrol.
Then, the next in turn goes.
First patrol finished gets points. Patrol with the most successfully planted beans gets points.

Potato Piercing
Make a circle for each patrol using the 15 foot string.
Each patrol gathers outside its circle.
Each patrol leader is given a fork and potato.
On 'GO', he steps into the circle.
He tosses the potato into the air and catches it on the fork tines.
He removes the potato, steps out of the circle, and hands it and the fork to the next scout in line.

Rabbit Feed
Put all the baby carrots on a baking pan - the feeding tray.
Patrols line up about 15 feet from feeding tray.
On 'GO', first in each line hops to feeding tray and grabs a carrot.
He holds the carrot between his front teeth and hops back to tag the next in line.
Once a scout is back, and done racing, he can eat the carrot.

Mr. Potato Head
Using the potatos full of fork holes, the toothpicks, dried beans, and celery, each patrol creates a potato person or animal.
The beans can be pushed into the potato to make a face and the celery can be attached with toothpicks.
Let them use a marker or other items, if desired.

Vegetable Alphabet
Give each patrol a paper and pencil.
In a set time, each patrol tries to come up with a vegetable name for each letter of the alphabet, such as artichoke, brocolli, cauliflower, daikon, eggplant, ...
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 Mar 25, 2013 - Rich Ortt
I did the rabbit feed and potato piercing games this past tiger den meeting.  Rabbit Feed was excellent.

Potato Piercing --- may want to have some older scouts for this.  Since the fork prongs are up, there were lots of scares with other people, faces, eyes, etc.
Mar 26, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Rich - That's why the one person doing the potato piercing should be in the circle and everyone else well away from his attempts.  A Den Chief would certainly be helpful to keep order.

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