Team Building Games for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Group Games

500 Banged Up Benny
Hunker Down Ping Pong Air Hockey
Rooster Fights Spud
T-Shirt Relay Ace-King-Queen
Airplane Race All Aboard
Arm Knockout Arm-Sling Relay
Atomic Particle Collecting Balloon Basket
Balloon Batting Buddies Balloon Break
Bang the Can Relay Base Attack
Bizz Buzz Blind Observations
Blind Tazers Blowhard Relay
Bogus Baseball Borg Tag
Bubble Gum Relay Build It
Can Stack Candle Relay
Career Charades Catch the Cane
Catch Up Circle Jump Rope
Circle Suck-ups Clothespin Tag
Clue Compass Reading
Counting Relay Crab Scuttle
Dead Ant Defender
Dissolving Necklaces Duck, Duck, Goose
Falling Staffs Feather Toss
Fighter Pilots First Aid Relays
Fist Ball Flying Dutchman
Football Scramble Fox Hunt
Frisbee Golf Frisbee Golf with compasses
Frog or Kangaroo Relay Frogs and Flies
Good Morning, Captain Heave, Ho, Throw
Hit the Bucket Hot and Cold
Human Chain Race Human Compass
I'm Taking Infinite Dodgeball
Jelly Bean Relay Jump the Shot
Kangaroo Relay Kangaroo Wrestling
Kim's Group Game La Palma
Lame Chicken Race Leg Pull
Liquid Chain Match Stacking
Mouse Trap War Natural Selection
Nature Sketch Hunt No See Ems
Octopus Race Oxygen Tank Fill
Pack n Go Peglegged Gauntlet
Ping Pong Football Predator and Prey
Pushme Pullya Rainy Day Gold
Raise the Flag Red or Black
Rescue Race Ringer
Rope Golf Run the Ring
Sardine Tag Scout Pace Race
Seahorse Wars Secret Message Relay
Sentry Post Shoot Out
Signal the Message Slap Clap Snap
Sponge Relay Stalking Antelope
Submarine Maneuvers Tail Grab
Thiefs Trash Ball
Tribble Hunt Two-man Relay
Vegetable Olympics Water Balloon Volleyball
Wheelbarrow Race Who's Got The Ball?
Who's Missing? Wink


Fun, active team building games keep scouts energized and interested. Whether you play a great outdoor game while camping with your entire troop or an indoor game with a small den, remember Scouting is a Game with a Purpose. Most games can be played by cub scouts and boy scouts, but some require activity not suitable for younger boys. When you use a scout game that the boys like, you'll know because it will be requested over and over and subsequent meetings. Please let us know if you have a favorite we missed or if you use one you found here and it is a big hit. Have fun building your group of boys into a team of scouts through games and camping.

 Feb 24, 2012 - Paula Salak
This site itself is immensely helpful.  What a great place to start building the camaraderie of our small but growing pack!
Sep 15, 2012 - Angela Cox
There are some awesome ideas here!  Thanks for the great resource.
Sep 20, 2012 - Lesley Mauldin
Can you recommend an indoor game for a Pack of 100 boys (1st - 6th grade) for 15 minutes? The theme is coopertation. The space is pretty small so I don't want anything overly active. Maybe an ice breaker to get to know one another better. Or to learn more about camping?
Sep 22, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Lesley - 100 scouts in a small space and you don't want them overly active? :-)  good luck!
Maybe try "Line Up" - tell them all to line up by birthday from January over here to December over there.  Once they're done have them line up alphabetically by first name.  Then, by number of pets.  Then, by ... whatever.  There's no winners, but they all have to work together.
Feb 07, 2015 - skylar kenneth ackley

This sight is great to make meating when you cant think of anything! I love it!  #awesomeness

-Skylar Ackley
First Class
Patrol Leader

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