Run the Ring Game for Cub Scouts

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Run the Ring   Run the Ring Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Cub Scouts.
This Game should be done Outside.
a ball
at least 10 scouts
Divide into two even teams.

One team creates a circle, each person an arms length apart, with one scout in the center of the circle.
The other team stands in a line, next to the circle, pointing out from the circle, similar to the handle of a tennis racket. O-
The scout in the center of the ring starts with the ball.

On 'GO', the scout in the center throws the ball to his teammate in the circle where the other team's line starts. That scout throws it back. The center scout throws it to the next scout around the circle, counting the number of exchanges as he throws to every teammate in turn around and around the circle.

While the throwing is going on, the scout closest to the circle on the other team runs all the way around the outside of the circle back to his starting point and tags the next scout in his line. Each scout in the line runs around the circle in turn, tagging the next scout.

When the last scout in the outside team completes his run, the 'STOP' signal is given and the team in the circle announces how many throws were completed.

The teams exchange positions and the second team tries to beat the first team's tally of throws.
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