Frogs and Flies Game for Cub Scouts

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Frogs and Flies   Frogs and Flies Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Cub Scouts.
a version of Wink Murder
Scouts sit in a circle facing inward with one scout in the center - he is the Frogcatcher.
Everyone closes their eyes while the leader walks around the circle and taps one scout on the shoulder. This scout will be the Frog.
On 'Go' signal, everyone opens their eyes and looks around at all the other scouts. They should keep their eyes moving around taking a look at everyone else in the circle.
The FROG's job is to stick his tongue out at a fly to kill it - without letting the Frogcatcher in the center notice him.
When a fly notices the frog sticking his tongue out at him, he falls dead immediately.

The Frogcatcher watches the scouts, trying to find the frog. He gets 3 guesses to determine the frog before the frog eats all the flies.

Then, the Frog becomes the Frogcatcher and a new round starts.
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