Blind Observations Game for All scouts

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Blind Observations   Blind Observations Game   Scout Game

Per scout:

Various other items
Give each scout a paper and pencil
Group into patrols, sit down, and blindfold everyone.

  1. Noise Identification: Write down what you think a noise is. After all noises, remove blindfolds and each patrol creates a master list of all noises in proper order and turns it in.
    First list turned in gets 5 points bonus. 3 points for each correct noise. 1 point extra if it is in the correct order.
    Noises to use: striking a match, popping a balloon, pouring a glass of water, zipping a zipper, ripping open velcro, sharpening a knife, flag flapping in wind, breaking a stick, deflating a sleeping pad, tearing paper, ...
  2. Smell Identification: all blindfolded patrols stand in a long line or large circle. An item is carried around the circle pausing under each scout's nose. As above, each scout writes down guess and master list is turned in.
    Smells to use: coffee, vinegar, onion, garlic, mint, orange, dirt, crushed pine needles, ...
  3. Member Identification: All blindfolded patrols sit down. Write down the name, address, phone number of all members of your patrol. Turn in lists - 1 point for each name, 1 for each address, 1 for each phone.
  4. Blind Navigation: Line up with each patrol at least 10 feet apart. Blindfold first scout in line. He walks straight out 20 steps, turns around, and walks back 20 steps. A referee measures the distance from start to ending position. Add up distances for each patrol and divide by members to get average distance. Patrol with smallest difference wins.

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