Ace-King-Queen Game for All scouts

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Ace-King-Queen   Ace-King-Queen Game   Scout Game

3 or more scouts
1 bouncing rubber ball
Ace-King-Queen is a "work your way up" game for any number of scouts with a hard floor and wall that can be hit by a small rubber ball. It's great as a gathering game or any time there's some dead time.

Scouts line up from left to right, with the "Ace" on the far left, "King" next, then "Queen", "Jack", "10", ... and so on for as many scouts as exist.
If playing on a sidewalk, each scout has his own square of cement to control - in a gym, tape on the floor can be used.

The Ace serves the ball by hitting it with the palm of the hand so that it first bounces in the Ace's box one time, then hits the wall, then bounces in the King's box or any other box down the line.

The player in that box must hit the ball in the same manner before it hits the ground twice. If he fails to hit the ball, he gets a point and moves to the far right end of the line while everyone else moves up.

If a player hits the ball and it does not bounce first in his box before hitting the wall, or flies out of bounds, he gets a point and moves to the end of the line.

A player can hit the ball into any other player's box, either up or down the line, or into his own box. He may hit it to himself a few times to line up just the shot he wants - sometimes a limit is set for self-serving.
When a scout reaches a pre-determined score such as 7 or 15, he is eliminated while the field is whittled down to a champion. This is usually followed immediately by a new game.
If there is no way to mark boxes on the ground, then the game is played in rotation and there is no self-serving.
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