Webelos Compass Points

Webelos Badge Requirements

Webelos Badge Requirements

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  1. Have an adult member of your family read and sign the Parent Guide in the front of the Webelos Scout Book.
  2. Be an active member of your Webelos den for 3 months.
  3. Know and explain the meaning of the Webelos badge.
  4. Point out and explain the three parts of the Webelos Scout uniform. Tell when to wear the uniform and when not to wear it.
  5. Earn the Fitness and Citizen activity badges and one other activity badge from a different activity badge group.
  6. Plan and lead a flag ceremony in your den that includes the U.S. flag.
  7. Show that you know and understand the requirements to be a Boy Scout.
    1. Demonstrate the Scout salute, Scout sign, and Scout handshake. Explain when you would use them.
    2. Explain the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan.
    3. Explain and agree to follow the Outdoor Code.
  8. Faith
    After completing the rest of requirement 8, do these (a, b, and c):
    1. Know: Tell what you have learned about faith.
    2. Commit: Tell how these faith experiences help you live your duty to God. Name one faith practice that you will continue to do in the future.
    3. Practice: After doing these requirements, tell what you have learned about your beliefs.

    And do one of these (d OR e):

    1. Earn the religious emblem of your faith*
    2. Do two of these: (Use this Worksheet to track activity)
      • Attend the mosque, church, synagogue, temple, or other religious organization of your choice, talk with your religious leader about your beliefs. Tell your family and your Webelos den leader what you learned.
      • Discuss with your family and Webelos den leader how your religious beliefs fit in with the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and what character-building traits your religious beliefs have in common with the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
      • With your religious leader, discuss and make a plan to do two things you think will help you draw nearer to God. Do these things  for a month.
      • For at least a month, pray or meditate reverently each day as taught by your family, and by your church, temple, mosque, synagogue, or religious group.
      • Under the direction of your religious leader, do an act of service for someone else. Talk about your service with your family and Webelos den leader. Tell them how it made you feel.
      • List at least two ways you believe you have lived according to your religious beliefs.

* If you earned your faith’s religious emblem earlier in Cub Scouting and your faith does not have a Webelos religious emblem, you must complete requirement 8e.
Completion of requirement 8e does not qualify a youth to receive the religious emblem of his faith.

Study Guide
Online Webelos Badge Test



Compass Points Emblem Requirements

  1. Earn the Webelos Badge.
  2. Earn four more activity badges for a total of seven to receive the compass points emblem.
  3. Earn one compass point pin for each additional four activity badges.
    • 11 activity badges – first point
    • 15 activity badges – second point
    • 19 activity badges – third point


 Feb 13, 2012 - tyler
IM going for super webeloe

Aug 15, 2012 - Taofi Siaosi
this page is gorgeous, I find everything i need for my Webelos Scout..I appreciated for this website and all theinformation it make my calling easy. I look forward to work with these boys and having fun together with their family...thanks again
Oct 04, 2012 - Frank Merkel / Troop 724 Constantia, NY
Thank you for your time and effort of this page I use it a lot for my scouts
Oct 10, 2012 - William J. Van Leer
The comprehensive content of this Web site keeps the kids interested, keeps them engaged, and makes it efficient to plan meetings which kids can take much away from.
Jan 28, 2013 - Eileen D Nelson
Hi I am new to scouting. I have NO IDEA how this works. I have 2 boys both are Weblos. One is in 5th , so he has this year as a Weblos. My other is in 4th so he has 2 years right? I signed up to be the den leader. OMG! Now what do I do? The troop is a small troop, with my boys as the oldest. My first step is ge them to earn the bobcat badge?
Jan 28, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Eileen - The BSA has a document just for you.  See Webelos Den Leader that has 12 steps to take right now.  Getting and reading a Webelos Leader Guide, reviewing your son's Webelos handbook, and then attending training is pretty important to get you on the right track.
Your 5th grade son probably actually has just a month or two before it's time for him to move to a Boy Scout Troop from your Pack.
Jan 29, 2013 - Nancy Adderley
I have two scouts who are home schooled. They have started 6th grade already and will be 11 in June. I have done all the requirements for all the boys to get their arrow of light. These specific two do not have their Webelos badge. Can't they still cross over with the rest of the boys?
Jan 29, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Nancy - A scout can not earn the Arrow of Light without first earning the Webelos badge.
Any boy that meets the Boy Scout joining requirements can join a troop - there is no requirement that he participate in Cub Scouts.
On the BSA Youth Application it says a boy "can be a Scout if he has completed the fifth grade and is at least 10 years old, OR is age 11, OR has earned the
Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old".  So, it sounds like these two can join a troop since they have completed 5th grade and are over 10.
Feb 27, 2013 - John
Is there a limit to the number of pins scouts can earn in the first year of Webelos? From what I understand it is an 18 month long program, so does that mean they can start earning pins as soon as they become Webelos, i.e. crossover from Bears?
Feb 27, 2013 - Scouter Paul
John - No, there is no limit.  Yes, they can start as soon as they're Webelos.
Mar 06, 2013 - Steve
Is there a maximum age limit to complete Webelos?  I am the Webelos Den leader and I see a number of posts about the scouts reaching 11.5 years of age as Webelos and Arrow of Light.  Many of my Webelos scouts will be over 11.5 years before the second year is completed and I have one scout that will turn 12 during our second year.  They are all in 4th grade this year as Jr Webelos and will be in 5th grade next year.  They all earned the Webelos badge and continue working toward Arrow of Light and remaining Activity Badges.  I plan to work to earn all 20 Activity Pins and all reach Arrow of Light.


Mar 06, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Steve - On the official BSA Youth Application, it says a Webelos scout "Must have completed third grade but not completed fifth grade, or be age 10 but not yet 11.5".
If he turns 11.5 years old, he can continue as a Webelos until he finishes 5th grade.
If he has completed 5th grade, he can continue as a Webelos until he turns 11.5 years old.
Mar 29, 2013 - Patrick
This site has always been at the top of my leader resources.  I have a question that I'm debating with our cub master.  We have a 5th grader who joined us back in the Fall and he wants to earn his AOL.  Our cub master says he needs to earn the Tiger Badge, the Webelos Badge and then the AOL, which includes 18 activity badges.  I believe it is 8 activity badges; 3 earned for the Webelos Badge and 5 earned during the AOL year.  Everything else goes towards the Compass Points emblem, which is not required for the AOL.  Am I correct?  Of course, the activity badges are just one of many requirements so this boy has his work cut out for him.
Mar 29, 2013 - Scouter Paul
Patrick - I don't see what the debate can possibly be.  The Webelos rank and Arrow of Light requirements are listed in the Webelos Handbook, Webelos Leader book, and even on this page.
You are certainly correct and maybe you could just show your cubmaster the Webelos handbook to help him/her understand.
Mar 30, 2013 - :Eaglewolfdad
Patrick, Your cub master may be speaking about earning the Bobcat badge instead of the tiger badge, As Scouter Paul said, you are correct provided the cub has his Bobcat
Oct 26, 2013 - Erika
Just want to make sure I tell my Webelos leaders correctly.  You do not include achievements counted towards the AOL also for compass points, right?
Oct 27, 2013 - Carolyn
HI Erika,
Yes you do !!!  
After earning the Webelos badge, a Webelos Scout may earn the compass points emblem. It is awarded after the Webelos earns four more activity badges in addition to the three he had earned for the Webelos badge. This is a total of seven activity badges. The compass points emblem is worn attached to the button on the right pocket of the Webelos uniform shirt.
After the compass points emblem is earned, the Webelos Scout may earn a metal compass point for each four additional activity badges he earns. There is a maximum number of 3 metal compass points that may be earned. (This makes a total of 16 activity badges beyond the 3 required for the Webelos badge to earn all parts of the compass points emblem and its 3 metal compass points.)
Nov 01, 2013 - DJ
Please help me understand. My son 9, joined as a Webelos 1 last year being 9 and in 4th grade. He had to earn his Bob scout badge during this year. This year is a w2 and 10, 5th grade.
Where is he supposed to start? The den is working on the Arrow of Light items, but it doesn't appear that my son actually earned the Webelos badge.
Nov 01, 2013 - Papio Tom
@DJ - I got a boy who outta the blue, just joined my 5th grade Webelos Den. So first thing was to get his Bobcat, and I've had to come up with a plan to do a fast-track bare-bones Webelos program for him and integrate it with our current stuff. Luckily, his parents are really helping with that.

It sounds like maybe you think your son spent the year getting his Bobcat badge *instead of* a Webelos badge? The Bobcat is just an entry into Cub Scouts; you could knock that stuff out in a week. If he was in Webelos all last year, he should have a Webelos badge. (If he joined really late, maybe not.) Check the requirements on p.49 of his Webelos Handbook, and if he actually *hasn't* done them, help him finish them (you can do a lot of them at home) while discussing the situation with his Den Leader. At worst, you'll just have to add the Webelos badge requirements to the AOL ones on page 63.
Nov 02, 2013 - Matt
@DJ- Also check his records with the awards chair or the pins on his colors. Your son need the Fitness and Citizenship + 1 other. Most of this can be done independently and he rest of qualifications can be done in a meeting or two. e.g.; Leading the flag ceremony.
   If you live near or in a larger city and need to catch up on achievements for the AOL many places such as Museums, Science  and Nature centers and your council may offer Webelos Woods or a Cub-O-Ree to earn achievements.
Dec 04, 2013 - Bill Tozzo
Hi Everyone!

I'm not sure how the Compass Point Emblem, and Points fit in with the Arrow of Light.

Basically my son loves scouts and we want to complete all the REQUIREMENTS for the cub scout program up to an including the Arrow of Light. Here are my questions:

1. It looks like the Compas Point Emblem and Points is an "Extra" that scouts work on after they have finished Webelos and Arrow of Light. Is this true?

2. Do scouts have to do the Compass Point Emblem and points to be considered as completing the program?

3. If all my son needs is the Webelos and Arrow of Light, which is what I think, that would be 8 activity badges. The Compass Point and Emblem seems to be 4 and then twelve more for a total of 16. This is a total of 24. But there are only twenty. So where does the overlap occur? Can the Compass Points Emblem and one more be used toward the Arrow of Light?

Thanks for the help, it's driving me a little crazy trying to figure out the handbook. Not very clear.


Dec 04, 2013 - Scouter Paul
@Bill -
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. On page 36 of the 2010 Webelos handbook, it describes the Compass Points Emblem.  This emblem and metal pins is simply a way to recognize Webelos for their efforts at completing more activity badges.
The scout receives the compass emblem when he has earned 7 activity badges.  
He receives a metal compass point when he has earned 11 activity badges.
He receives a second metal compass point when he has earned 15 activity badges.
He receives a third metal compass point when he has earned 19 activity badges.
There is also a special patch for Webelos that complete all 20 activity badges that can be purchased from ScoutStuff.org
Jan 21, 2014 - Patrick
I need some advice.  I am the Cub Master of a dying/dead pack.  I have no pack committee outside of myself and my wife, who is the Webelos den leader.  She has tried to get her parents to come to the meetings but there is always half that don't show up and none who have camped out with a troop or even met a troop.  The other dens are either non-existent or haven't met as a group since October.  I think the 2 wolves are all that meet now.

She feels we need to stop now and tie up loose ends and have our Blue and Gold in the next couple of weeks.  Part of me wants to do just that but I also feel obligated to have the other parents finish (if they still are active).  We lost our bear den leader last week and another key webelos parents.  The bears haven't met as a group since October.  We have no tiger den and we have 2 active wolves.

I'm tired and will forego Pinewood derby due to not wanting to organize it myself and work on the recharter, which is due at the end of the month.Help!
Jan 22, 2014 - Matt
Patrick- Sorry for your tale of woe. Obviously you care a lot. I would talk to somebody in your District Office about your situation. There are plenty of Old Scouters to Pitch in. I think you are beyond a Round Table Discussion.If you do re-charter it would be in the hopes of next year. But start recruiting now. Start recruiting Parents as well. You just need to ask them. If not, I would find a Pack for the Scouts that are active, You and your Wife. If you are close to another Pack I would ask them if you could share in their Blue and Gold so the Scouts receiving recognition could be done so warmly. Packs Ebb and Flow, four years ago we were six Scouts and now we are 41. It can be done.
Yours In Scouting,
Feb 10, 2014 - Tamara

I know how hard this must be. Currently we took over for a pack that has a total of 5 boys. My hubby and i are the only leaders of all three dens and we're dealing with all different ages and developmental levels.
The thing that keeps me going is the boys. 4 out of 5 have great attitudes and they just want to have fun. the oldest one is advancing in 2 months to the scout troop. The search for another set of leaders is on so that we can at least split it up with the Webelos in one group and the wolf and bear in another. If we can get that it might make for a bit calmer weeks and more getting done. We are putting together our FIRST Blue and Gold dinner ever in this pack and due to almost no budget we've decided to make it a potluck. I am getting good at being resourceful. I guess in the end, we can only do what we can do... so i continue to email home assignments and orientation sheet for the new one in. We have a lot of complacency to turn around.
You can email me if you like
Feb 26, 2014 - michael
This happens, a lot of times without reason.  Last year we had so many new Tigers come out, we had to make multiple dens and had trouble getting enough leaders, 2 weeks later we had two dens of six.  A month later it was one den of 8.  This year it was an even larger turn out for the roundup but, very few signed up. And all four of the new tigers dropped out, (we couldn’t get a set leader for them), 3 of my now wolfs dropped leaving only 5, and bears were already thin.  Out of the blue, two new tigers (with a leader), two new wolfs and one of my dropped ones, and a new Webelo signed up in the last couple weeks.  It can turn around almost as fast as it goes away.  

Feb 26, 2014 - michael
Some suggestions:
Contact local Boy Scout troops in your area; see if they would have some boys or even some leaders willing to help. The boys can make great assistants for the den leaders you do get. This will help you, and the boy scouts get to count service hrs toward advancement, and the Troop gets to build a relationship with the pack to help feed new scouts to it.

Try to have your den meetings together, all dens meet at the same time and place, have opening then brake away into their groups to work on den activities, and can come back together for larger group games at the end.  We do this. It helps the parents with different age kids only have to go to one place.  It helps the smaller dens do things that they may not have had enough people for otherwise.  

Feb 26, 2014 - michael
Recruit, ask everyone you have to try and bring a friend.  Advertise; sometimes when groups are so small, people don’t know where to find them.  This can be done through Face Book, Local churches, or posters placed in the area (get permission before placing them).  

For events like the pine wood derby, again a local Boy Scout troop would be good to team up with.  The cubs can run their own division, and the cost can be shared.  

Apr 05, 2014 - Chris Clemens
If a boy has all ready earned the belt loop that is already required for a activity badge can he earn the pin in its place. For example earn the belt loop for art for one of the activities in the art activity badge. If he has earn the belt loop in previous years can he earn the pin in its place. Does the belt loop award reset itself each rank were if he earns it in the wolf year he has to redo it in the bear year to earn the pin. Thanks for help on this.
Apr 06, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Chris - The Webelos requirements specifically say that the scout needs to earn the belt loop "while a Webelos scout", meaning while he is in a Webelos den.  He can't use a belt loop he earned while a Tiger, Wolf, or Bear.

Apr 23, 2014 - Laurie
My son's Webelos den leader says he cannot be awarded the Compass Points emblem nor any points until he has earned his Arrow of Light Award.  Is this true?
Apr 24, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Laurie - You can see the requirements towards the top of this page.  There are only two of them.  Earn the Webelos and complete any other 4 Webelos activity badges.  
It's pretty simple and your son's den leader continues to be misinformed.  That guy really needs to get trained.
If I were you, I'd take my son's Webelos handbook to him and show him the requirements and ask where I missed the AoL requirement because I just can't find it.  It's on page 36 of the 2010 handbook.
Apr 29, 2014 - Bob Showers
Where can I purchase a Webelos Advancement Chart on line?
May 04, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Bob - Find them at ScoutStuff.org  
May 19, 2014 - Janine
I know the Webelos patch can be work on the Boy Scout uniform as a webelos. Does this carry over when they enter Boy Scouts until they earn their first Scout rank or does it come off the uniform when they become a Boy Scout?
May 20, 2014 - Matt
The Boy Scout Uniform can carry over. As a rule,the Scout Badge is Earned/Awarded as soon as a Webelos Scout joins a Troop. The Webelos patch is then replaced. If your Scout has earned the Arrow of Light it is placed, centered under the left pocket of the Boy Scout Uniform.
May 20, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Janine - The Webelos rank pacth should be removed when the boy joins a Boy Scout troop.  It has nothing to do with his new unit, and that blank spot can be a good incentive to quickly get his first Boy Scout rank.
Jun 09, 2014 - Valerie
I am a Webelos Den leader.  All 8 of my boys have earned the Webelos Badge, and the Compass Rose badge (completed a total of 7 Activity badges).  I now have 5 boys who have finished another 4 Activity badges (total of 11), and will award them their first gold arrow - compass point.  
Question:  Where does the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD compass point go?  Are they suppose to go E, S, W?  Or E, W, then S?  I can't find info anywhere (so maybe it doesn't matter?).
Thanks HEAPS for your advice.
Jun 09, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Valerie - It doesn't matter.
Jun 18, 2014 - Bianca H
I have a question about the Religious Emblem part of the Webelos badge requirements.   We are not a religious family.  
We don't go to church nor do we have a religious leader.  It will be impossible for my son to earn this.   Are there substitutions he can do instead?
Jun 20, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Bianca - Either requirement 8d OR 8e can be done.  If it is not possible for the scout to complete either 8d OR 2 of the 6 options in 8e, then he can not earn the Webelos rank.
Jul 09, 2014 - Louis
Does anyone know how to handle the planned Weblos changes in June 2015.  My den just became Weblos and I am trying to figure out if I will need to change to the new requirements 12 months into the 20 month program.  Will my den be allowed to complete on the previous set of requirements and will the pins still be available?
Jul 09, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Louis - Please see Program Transition PDF file that shows two options for Webelos dens. You can continue with your current program or move over to the new one.  
Aug 26, 2014 - Margaret
I am stating webelos2 this year and have a 5th grader who just joined scouting for the first time. I understand he will have to earn his bobcat first but is there a fast track I can set him on to catch uo so he will be able to earn the areow of light ro cross over this year?
Aug 26, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Margaret - There is no 'fast' or 'slow' track to the Arrow of Light.  A scout can complete all the requirements as quickly as he wants, except for the 6-month active requirement.  See the Arrow of Light requirements.

Aug 26, 2014 - Kevin
I have a Scout that did not colmplete everything forhis Arrow of Light when we ended last year. He worked on his requirements over the summer. He has turned 12 in July and has already started the 6th grade. Can he still earn the Arrow of Light?
Aug 27, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Kevin - The Arrow of Light needs to be earned while a registered Webelos scout.  If he is no longer a Webelos, he can't earn Webelos awards.  
Nov 20, 2014 - Melissa
There are several belt loops that scouts can earn that require tracking of meals, health activities, etc.  The Webelos scouts are also required to track some of these same activities to earn their pins.  Can a Webelos scout use 1 tracker (say for meals) for both a belt loop and a Webelos activity pin?  Or would it need to be 2 separate trackers at 2 different times?
Nov 20, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Melissa - I believe you are asking about the Nutrition pin and Fitness activity badge.  If the requirements are the same, then applying the completion of that task to multiple requirements is ok.
Dec 09, 2014 - Carrie M
I'd love some help clarifying the flag ceremony requirement (#6). Does each boy have to lead a seperate flag ceremony, or is it sufficient to have ONE flag ceremony that the boys ALL help plan and participate to meet this requirement?
Dec 10, 2014 - John
@Carrie M, the requirement suggests that EVERY boy learn to lead a flag ceremony. However this can be accomplished in the den setting. Our den starts every meeting with a flag ceremony and each week someone else leads it.
Jan 09, 2015 - Christina
I see on the Program Transition document that our Webelos1 den (that just earned their Webelos rank last week and are now working on their AOL requirements) are able to continue to work out of their current handbooks...does that suggest that the former awards will continue to be available to be purchased throughout the next year? Will there be any issues with choosing to finish out with current handbook, esp. because we have already planned the calendar to complete all 19 activity badges and choose as a den not to transition over?
Jan 13, 2015 - Scouter Paul
@Christina - I would not assume that discontinued recognition items are available for any length of time.  They may run out quickly, or be around for many months.  During the past couple years, I've seen people scrambling to find patches and pins after awards have been discontinued so I would nearly always recommend moving ahead to the current program.
Jan 28, 2015 - Dave
I have a Webelos scout in our pack who is struggling to complete Requirement #8 of the Webelos Badge as he is not practicing any religion.  Is there an alternative?  Any advice?
Jan 28, 2015 - Scouter Paul
@Dave - See section Religious Principles in the Guide to Advancement.  He does not need to be a member of a religious organization.
Feb 23, 2015 - Nic
Can Outdoorsman be used as the 3rd Activity Badge for Webelos? It's not in Physical or Community groups, so in theory, it could, right?
Currently, I'm not allowing it because it's AoL required, but if the Scout isn't going to get AoL, then he can use it towards Webelos. Does that make sense?
Feb 23, 2015 - Scouter Paul
@Nic - Yes, that makes sense, and it's fine to do.
Mar 08, 2015 - Natalie
I'm wondering if my Webelos is getting his AOL (he's completed all req just hasn't received the award yet) can he use outdoorsman & readyman badges (required for AOL) for badges towards compass emblem? I'm new in my den & am sorting through all our records &  noticed his records show using the badges he completed that were req for AOL also for compass emblem. Nothing has been officially awarded yet. Just wanted clarification on this before its addressed :)

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