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Last Chance for Ring
Joy Jewelers
Two people have already won a Scout Ring from Joy Jewelers. On Sunday, the third and final winner will be selected. It can't be you unless you enter the drawing.

The Joy Jewelers scout rings make a cool recognition item. Rings for Boy Scouts, Wood Badge, Sea Scouts, and Venturers can all be customized for the individual.

Just enter your email address on my Contest page for a chance to win a $250 ring, a $25 scout shop gift card, or a $50 coupon.

Starting Monday, a new prize will be available but I'm not telling what it is yet. You'll have to check back to see. I will say that I've tried it and it's Very Tasty!

Scout On
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Posted: 9:15 05-29-2014 1091
Custom Uniforms
Tallest Boy Scout

Jodi asked about uniforms:
"I am 6'9" and have yet to find official pants that don't hit me mid-ankle. Even the un-hemmed ones go to a 38" inseam when mine is 42". The shorts are almost obscene, but I've bought a pair of official pants, then cut and hemmed them to an appropriate shorts length. My shirt is somewhat loose/baggy, but it's the size that was long enough and I plan to have it tailored a bit when I can. The socks never fit either. Belt, neckerchief, and hat are all totally fine. What do you recommend for those who cannot find official clothing? Thanks!"

Uniforms that fit can be a big/small problem for scouts and scouters on either end of the growth charts. Fortunately, even the tallest scout had a uniform - it was custom tailored for Robert Wadlow around 1931. Robert was 7ft. 4in. when he was 13 years old and here he is in his uniform.

I don't know if the BSA made Robert's uniform or not, but they're available to help you now. If the range of standard uniform sizes don't fit you, you can still be properly uniformed by contacting the BSA for a Made-to-Measure uniform. I've been told by the ScoutStuff folks that it takes about 12 weeks to receive a custom-made uniform, so plan ahead and Be Prepared!

See this page for their contact information.

Scout On
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Posted: 15:46 05-27-2014 1090
Respect Wildlife
Nature Requirement
I completed Second Class requirement #6 on my hike this morning - identifying 10 kinds of wild animals. In just a couple miles, I saw a: chipmunk, grey squirrel, rabbit, red-wing blackbird, Canada goose, mallard duck, cardinal, baltimore oriole, goldfinch, and robin. There were many more birds and animals flying and scurrying about, but those are my 10.

Actually, I complete that requirement nearly every time I walk around at this time of year. It's pretty easy to complete this nature requirement since the animals are out enjoying the warm spring weather. Finding animal evidence in the dead of winter can be much more challenging, at least here where it's all covered under feet of snow.

What do you notice in the accompanying photo? The top half is a photo of a Canada goose on its nest I took while hiking this week. She knows I'm there and is trying to be invisible while keeping an eye on me.
The bottom image is the same nest the next day. There are broken egg shells, but no birds. Canada geese leave the nest almost immediately after hatching so I expect the parents and goslings are out and about somewhere around here.

When doing your animal identification, or any outdoors activities, remember to respect the wildlife you find. I took those pictures from the other side of a small pond, probably about 60 feet away.

Give animals lots of room, take pictures from far away, and don't harass them at all. Especially this time of year, babies are abundant and some adult animals are very protective. For your own safety, as well as the animals', keep your eyes and ears open for signs of wildlife and don't invade their space.

Respecting Wildlife is one of the seven principles of Leave No Trace which scouts should follow on all outings.
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Posted: 10:50 05-22-2014 1089
Loyal Cat

I'm not a cat person, but this cat has cornered the market on LOYAL, HELPFUL, and BRAVE. I usually think of cats as being self-centered, pampered, and nonchalant. I guess I really need to expand my view on felines.

This short video also shows that our motto "Be Prepared" needs to be followed everywhere and all the time. You never know when you'll be required to provide immediate aid to yourself or someone else. In the blink of an eye, a seemingly safe, fun activity can turn disastrous and we need to be ready to step into action.

Scout On
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Posted: 15:54 05-14-2014 1088
Look Up
Since it's had over 12 million views in the 10 days it's been out on YouTube, you've probably already seen this video. But, if you haven't, sacrifice 5 minutes of your life to hopefully change your view on how you're spending your life.

My favorite line in it - "Smart Phones and Dumb People".

I'd love to hear it set to some Rap Beat or Rock-n-Roll music. :-)

Scout On in the Real World
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Posted: 9:28 05-05-2014 1087
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