Patrol Patch

Boy Scout Patrol Patches

These are the offered patrol emblems for Webelos dens and Boy Scout patrols.
Each patrol should democratically choose a patrol name, emblem, yell, and flag design.
Choosing a name such as 'Dragon Slayers' instead of just 'Dragons' or the 'Wandering Arctic Wolves' instead of just 'Wolves' is more fun and personalized.
Remember, these can be displayed on the tan Webelos uniform, but not on the blue one.
For patrols wanting something a little different, they can create custom patrol emblems or use other emblems such as those on the Custom Patrol Patches page.
These are patrol patches currently available on
alien alligator badger bat bear
beaver bison black mamba bobcat bobwhite
bull bulldog cobra computer geek coyote
dragon eagle falcon flaming arrow flying eagle
fox frog frontiersman game master hawk
knight lightning native american ninja old goat
owl pheasant phoenix rattlesnake raven
robot scorpion shark squirrel t-rex
viking wolf wolverine zombie blank
These are discontinued patrol patches:
antelope patrol patch badger patrol patch bat bear bison
bobcat cobra eagle frontiersman hawk
indian liberty bell moose panther discontinued pedro patrol patch
pine tree raccoon mountain sheep crow roadrunner
elk wildcat wolverine


 Oct 19, 2012 - Susan Lutz-George
My son came home from scouts telling me his pratrol name is "dancing bananas".  I do not see a patch for that.  Any ideas on how to get 8 patches to represent the patrol?
Oct 21, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Susan - You can search on Google for 'custom patrol patches' and find a bunch of companies that will make them for you.
Nov 24, 2012 - James Cashat
The dancing banana more than likely has evolved from the flying banana. The original official release of the Flying Eagle patrol patch released by the BSA very much resembled a flying banana as the body of the eagle was yellow. Scouts being witty as they are renamed the patch from flying eagles to flying bananas. More than likely the bananas have landed and are now dancing.
Dec 12, 2012 - Carrie

The patch you are looking for is pretty far down the long list, but I think you could probably sort by banana
Mar 02, 2013 - Jim
One of the patrols in my son's troop took the racoon patch, put it on their uniforms upside down and call themselves the Roadkill patrol
Jul 01, 2013 - Addison
Im in Scots and my patrol is the last one.We are called "The Blank Flanks."

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