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Our Progress in Scouting

In September, 2000, our new den of 5 Tigers started.
September, 2001, started Wolf advancements. The Wolves received their rank badges in March, 2002 - Picture
September, 2002, started Bear advancements. Picture
The Bears received their rank badges on February 23, 2003 - Picture and got a few more arrow points in April - Picture
In May, 2003, our Bear den started working on Webelos advancement - Picture. We had our first den campout in May - Picture
We attended Webelos summer camp in July, 2003 - Picture and had thousands of mosquitos, a couple of thunderstorms, and one tornado. By surviving this campout, everything from here on will be EASY!
All scouts in the den earned Webelos rank badges on January 29th, 2004 - Picture. We had a meeting to choose a den name and emblem, and to create a yell and flag. We became the Caterpillar Crushing Cobras.
In August, 2004, we attended Webelos camp again. This time, we joined with a den from Monticello and found out that scouts all over the place play 'RuneScape' online. We called ourselves the Lama Clan for the weekend - Picture
Our Den Patch:
tiger scout
Our Den Flag:
Caterpillar Crushing Cobras Patrol Flag

On February 25, 2005, all 10 Webelos scouts crossed over to Troop 479 to continue their scouting experience as Boy Scouts - Picture. They were split into the Buffalo Bills and Roadrunners patrols along with some other scouts.
boy scout patrol Over the next 18 months, some scouts dropped or moved away causing the patrols to merge into the Penguin patrol in September, 2006.
For a year, they continued on, advancing in ranks and growing in maturity and leadership skills. They were a patrol of 7 scouts, all of them doing very well and remaining active in scouting.
Then, the patrol of scouts a year younger than the Penguins requested a change. When they first started, there were only 4 scouts in their patrol. They were successful in recruiting 2 more, but they were just trying out scouting. In September of 2007, their patrol had 3 very active scouts left and they were struggling to feel like a patrol.
phoenix patrol The Penguins accepted their request to merge patrols yet again and the Phoenix patrol was formed from scouts that had originally been in 4 different patrols - Picture.
These 10 scouts continued on together for the next 3 years as the core leaders of their troop - Picture - Picture. Finally, one new patrol member was added when he transferred from another troop - Picture. Over the past year, in 2011-2012, all of the original Tiger scouts have aged out, turning 18.
Of those original 5 Tiger Cubs, one dropped, one moved away and earned his Eagle with another troop, and three earned Eagle here. Of the 5 scouts that joined the den later, three dropped and two moved away.

Following are the badges and pins earned by each scout in our group...

Cub Scouts
Badge Alvaro Brandon Chris C Chris M Jack Joe JohnPaul Josh Justin Sam
Tiger Cub 04/01 04/01 04/01 04/01 04/01 04/01 04/01 04/01
Bobcat Rank 09/01 09/01 09/01 09/01 09/01 09/01 09/01 10/03 09/01 09/01
Wolf Rank 02/02 wolf gold arrow point
wolf silver arrow point


02/02 02/02 02/02 02/02



Bear Rank 02/03 02/03

02/03 02/03 02/03 02/03



Webelos Rank 01/04
webelos compass point 1
webelos compass point 2
01/04 01/04
webelos compass point 1
webelos compass point 1
webelos compass point 3
webelos compass point 2
webelos compass point 2
webelos compass point 2
webelos compass point 2
Super Achiever Award           Super Achiever
Aquanaut Aquanaut 10/0310/0310/0310/0310/0310/0310/0307/03
Traveler Traveler 09/0301/0501/0501/0401/0404/04
OutdoorsmanOutdoorsman 10/0310/0306/0310/0310/0310/0310/0301/04
Naturalist Naturalist 10/0305/0410/0308/0310/0310/0307/03
Forester Forester 10/0310/0301/0510/0410/0310/0310/0310/03
Citizen Citizen 11/0311/0311/0311/0311/0311/0312/03
Fitness Fitness 01/0401/0401/0401/0401/0401/0401/0401/0401/0410/03
Craftsman Craftsman 01/0401/0401/0401/0401/0501/0401/0401/0401/04
Readyman Readyman 03/0403/0403/0403/0403/0403/0403/0403/0410/03
Artist Artist 05/0405/0412/0405/0405/0401/0505/0410/0412/03
Athlete Athlete 10/04
Sportsman Sportsman 05/0405/0405/0405/0405/0405/0405/0410/03
Family Member Family Member 01/0505/04
Handyman Handyman 06/0406/0406/0406/0406/0406/0406/0406/0406/04
Geologist Geologist 07/0407/0407/0407/0407/0407/04
Communicator Communicator 01/0512/0402/04
Showman Showman 09/0409/0409/0409/0409/0409/0409/0402/04
Scientist Scientist 11/0411/0411/0411/0411/0411/0411/0411/04
Scholar Scholar 01/0501/0501/0504/04
Engineer Engineer 01/0501/0501/0501/0501/0501/0501/0501/05
Webelos arrow of light 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05 02/05
Whittling Chip 10/02 10/02 10/02 10/02 10/02 10/02
World Conservation Award 10/02 10/02 10/02 10/02 10/02 10/02
Conservation Good Turn Award 10/03 10/03 10/03 10/03 10/03 10/03

Boy Scouts
Badge Alvaro Brandon Chris C Chris M Jack Joe JohnPaul Josh Justin Sam
scout rank badge 08/05 03/05 06/05 03/05 03/05 03/05 dropped 02/05 03/05 04/05 04/05
tenderfoot rank badge dropped 07/06 02/06 09/05 12/05 06/06 08/05 08/05 06/06 09/05
second class rank badge 08/06 dropped 07/06 09/06 moved 09/06 02/06 03/06 moved 08/06 09/06
first class rank badge 01/07 moved 09/06 06/06 06/06 03/07
star rank badge 09/07 03/07 03/07 dropped
life rank badge 09/08 03/08 09/08
eagle rank badge 09/11 02/11 03/12

Other Awards
Badge Alvaro Brandon Chris C Chris M Jack Joe JohnPaul Josh Justin Sam
totin chip badge 04/05 04/05 04/05
fireman chit badge
Emergency Preparedness Award
Leave No Trace Award
Physical Fitness Award


 Feb 28, 2012 - cheri
this page is very helpful. I was wondering when a Bear receives an arrow can they put it on the Webelos uniform. I cant find anyone that has an answer to this question in our pack. Thanks for your time. Cheri
Feb 28, 2012 - Scouter Paul
Cheri - A Bear scout would be wearing a blue Cub Scout uniform.
He would only be wearing a khaki Webelos uniform when he's finished with Bears and now in a Webelos den.
In that case, he would not be earning any arrow points and they would not go on his uniform.
If he had earned an arrow point as a Bear but it was not presented to him until he moved on to his Webelos den, then he'd just keep the patch in his collection and not put it on his khaki Webelos uniform.
If he continues to wear his blue Cub Scout uniform while in a Webelos den, then I see no problem with putting that late arrow point in the correct position along with his other ones that might already be there.


Oct 22, 2012 - Maggie
I loved seeing the time span from Tiger to Eagle, I have a Bear now and another mom and I were just talking about how we wondered how many of our den will make it all the way through to Eagle! Your boys grew and changed so much over the years but you can match some from their Tiger pics to Eagle. Great job boys and this is a great website with lots of information; I plan to use it as we go along!! Thank you
Dec 02, 2012 - Tracy
Wow! what a wonderful timeline. Thank you for taking the time to post and update your blog, photos and resources. As a new mom to scouting this is extremely helpful! This also gives my son something to look at and share in the success of others as well as visualize his own success. Please continue to update your website it's a fabulous resource for everyone!
Mar 26, 2013 - Teresa
A fantastic idea for a pack website! I would love to start a timeline like this for my boys.  How and where do I find it or put it together?  Loving your site, thanks for all the ideas and insight!
May 08, 2013 - Terri Mundy
Your didication in documenting the progress of your Scouts is inspiring!  I hope they all appreciate your effort and the love this represents.  My sons joined Scouting as Bears and have just be earned First Class. I'd like to create something like this for them
Jun 04, 2013 - Kathy St. Amand
I loved it too, and when my den crossed over to scouts last week I posted this on our picture board.  All I did was copy and paste this chart into a word doc. and made name changes and badge changes.  I used the same pictures but changed some of the ordering, worked perfectly.  Good luck!!

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