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This Story is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
One day at work, Bob was bragging that he knew everyone that was anyone. His boss got tired of his boasting and decided to call him on it.
He said, 'OK Bob, how about Clint Eastwood? Do you know him?'
'Oh sure ', said Bob. 'He and my Dad shoot pheasant together and he's a great guy.'
'OK, prove it', said his boss. 'Let's fly out to Hollywood and you can introduce me.'
'Great!', said Bob. And so they did. They took a taxi to Mr. Eastwood's estate, Bob knocks on the door, Mr. Eastwood opens it and shouts, 'Bob! Hey, great to see you! You and your friend come on in and have lunch.'
Bob's boss was impressed, but still skeptical. When they left after lunch, he said, 'That was a coincidence that you knew Clint Eastwood. How about President Bush?'
'Sure, I know him', replied Bob. So, they fly off to Washington, DC and head to the White House.
As they are touring the grounds, Mr. Bush sees Bob and comes right over saying, 'My gosh, Bob, I haven't seen you in a couple years. Come on in, have some coffee and let's catch up.'
After a couple hours, Bob and his boss are escorted off the White House grounds and Bob asks his boss, 'Well, do you believe me now?'
His boss, shaken and a bit bewildered, but still not completely convinced says, 'I'll believe you if you show me you know one more person - the Pope.'
'Certainly', says Bob, 'I've known the Pope since I was just a little kid. Let's fly over to Italy.'
So, off to Rome they fly and join a mass of people in Vatican Square waiting to catch a glimpse of the Pope. Bob says, 'There's no way I can get the Pope's attention with all these people here. How about if I go talk to one of the guards I know and then I'll come out on the balconey with the Pope to prove to you I know him.'
Bob's boss waits as Bob heads off into the crowd. About 15 minutes later, the Pope emerges on the balconey and right beside him is Bob waving to the crowd.
When Bob returned a few minutes later to where he had left his boss, there were paramedics there surrounding his boss laying on the ground - he had had a heart attack. Bob rushes up and asks what happened.
His boss looks up at him and replies, 'I was doing ok when you came out on the balconey. But then the guy next to me asks 'Hey, who's that up on there on the balconey with Bob?"
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