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Now-a-days, mining companies have bloodhounds that they use to find trapped miners in cave-ins. They lead the Medics with their first aid kits down to the miners so they can be treated and brought back to the surface. But, there have always been people trying to find animals that are better at tracking than the bloodhounds in the hopes of saving more lives.
One man, Theodore Stanislaus, believed raccoons would be great if they could just be trained. Since raccoons can smell candy inside backpacks inside tents and rip them apart, they should be able to detect human odor down in caves. Theodore did experiments, trained raccoons, and performed tests. He had great success and was soon ready to run his best raccoon against the mining company's best bloodhound to see which was better.
The date was set and everyone was anxious to see what Stanislaus's raccoon could do. Unfortunately, the day before the race, Theodore's pet became sick. It had caught a cold and its nose was stuffed up. But, Theodore could not back out now - he had to go through with the race.
For the race, 13 volunteer miners were lowered into the mine and given 1/2 hour to disperse into different hiding spots. Then the dog would have 1 hour to find as many men as it could. After that, the test would be repeated for the raccoon.

The 13 miners were lowered in...
A 1/2 hour passed...
Just at the time the dog was to start, a low rumble came belching up out of the mine - CAVE IN! Dust came blowing out the cave entrance.

Quickly, the Medic men got their real gear together and the bloodhound and his trainer headed into the cave. Less than 15 minutes later, they were back - no luck. The dog could find no scent and they could not locate the men.
Theodore said to give him and his raccoon with the sniffles a chance. Having nothing to lose, the medic men followed Theodore into the cave right behind his raccoon - even though the raccoon had a terrible cold and his nose was stuffed with boogers. They followed the coon down, down, down deeper and deeper into the depths of the cave.
That coon was sniffling and sneezing right and left, up and down, but kept on going. Stanislaus had to stop once in awhile to wipe the boogers off the coon's nose. Finally, it came to a sheer cliff face dropping off down, down to the darkness below. It jumped right off the cliff following the scent, but luckily, Theodore had hold of its leash and pulled it back up. Some of the medic men rigged a sling and lowered Theodore, his sick coon, and the rest of the medic men down the cliff. At the bottom, they found all 13 miners in bad condition. But, none were dead! The medic men patched them up, hoisted them up, and everyone made it out alive - thanks to Theodore and his raccoon.

Which just goes to show: A coon full of boogers helps the Medic men go down.
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 Dec 25, 2013 - Torie
It was a really good story it mate me interested in it so u people should read it.

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