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Lily the Pink   Lily the Pink Song   Scout Song

This Song is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
The Tune:
Another Version

Here's a story, a little bit gory,
A little bit happy, a little bit sad
Of Lily the Pink and her medicinal compound
And how it drove her mad.

We'll drink a drink a drink
To Lily the pink a pink a pink
The saviour of the human race
For she invented medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case

Mr. Frears had sticky out ears
And it made him awful shy
And so they give him medicinal compound
And now he's learning how to fly

Brother Tony was notably bony
He would never eat his meals
And so they give him medicinal compound
Now they move him round on wheels

Well Ebeneezer thought he was Juilius Ceasar
And so they put him in a home
Where they gave him medicinal compound
And now he's Emperor of Rome

Freddy Clinger, the opera singer
Would break a glass with his voice tis said,
Rubbed his tonsils with medicinal compound,
Now they break glasses over his head.

Uncle Paul he was very small
He was the shortest man in town
So they gave him medicinal compound
Now he only weighs a half of a pound

Johnny Hammer had a terrible stammer
He could hardly say a word
And so they gave him medicinal compound
And now he's seen and never heard

Auntie Milly ran willy-nilly
When her legs they did recede
And so they hooked on medicinal compound
Now they call her Millipede

Jennifer Eccles had terrible freckles
And the boys all called her names
But she changed with medicinal compound
And now 'he' joins in all their games

Lily the pink she turned to drink
She filled up with paraffin inside
And despite her medicinal compound
Sadly Picca-Lily died

Up to heaven her soul ascended
For the church bells they did ring
She took with her medicinal compound
Hark the herald angels sing

Auntie Minnie was thin and skinny,
All flat and nowhere round
Then they gave her medicinal compound,
And now she weighs five hundred pounds

Sylvester Stallone was skinny and boney,
And his muscles never grew
Then they gave him medicinal compound,
Now he's Rocky XXII

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