Toothache Skit for All scouts

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Toothache   Toothache Skit   Scout Skit

5 scouts
(optional) - pliers, apple, string, axe or hammer
#1: Ooooh, my tooth is killing me!
#2: (holding up pliers) Hey, I can help. I'll just pull it right out.
#1: Oh, Ah, Ouch! (while #2 is using pliers in his mouth)
#2: Got it! How's that?
#1: That was the WRONG tooth!

(#3 comes along as #2 leaves)
#3: (handing an apple) Hey, chomp into this apple and it will pull the tooth for you.
#1: chomp, chomp, chomp (eating the apple)
Ugh, that was a green apple. Now my stomach aches.

(#4 comes along as #3 leaves)
#4: Here, tie this string to your tooth and I'll tie the other end to the door. When we slam it, your tooth will yank out.
(pretend to slam door and it hits #1 in the head)
#1: OW! You slammed the door into my poor head. Ow!

(#5 comes on with his hammer or axe as #4 leaves)
#1: Oooh, my tooth. Oooh, my stomach. Oooh, my head.
#5: Hey, I hear you have a toothache. I'm here to help!
#1: Noooooo! (as he runs offstage)

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