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at least 4 scouts - Assayer, his partner, 2 or more miners
The assayer and his partner are in the office, waiting for gold miners to bring in gold from their claims.
Partner: Hey, mind if I go across the street to grab a bite for lunch?
Assayer: Sure, I'll watch the shop.

First miner walks in with a sack.
Assayer: Howdy, what can I do for you?
Miner #1: I think I found some gold on my claim. Here, tell me what this is and what it's worth.
(hands over sack and assayer looks inside)
Assayer: This is just fool's gold.
Miner #1: Dag num it! I've wasted 3 months in them there hills! (storms out, leaving his sack behind.)

As many miners as you have each walk in with a sack and the same general scene unfolds with the assayer getting a pile of sacks.

Finally, his partner comes back from lunch.
Partner: Hey, whatcha got in all them sacks?
Assayer: Ha, I've got all those fools' gold!
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