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This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
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What makes a good meal?

Well, the food pyramid of course. A good selection of nutritious items from all the food groups to ensure a well-rounded meal - some meat, vegetables, grains, and dairy.

But, there's one very important part of cooking that is not in the food pyramid.

complete mealSpice - without spice, food doesn't taste as good. The food is nutritious, but not very interesting to eat.
You might as well eat a brick of protein or packaged rations.

On the other hand, too much spice and the meal is not enjoyable. Take beef, carrots, and potatoes for example - filling and nutritious, the real substance of the meal. But, without at least a little salt and pepper, it's bland and boring. Using some garlic, curry, or ginger can completely change the taste.

Your troop is like a meal. You need substance and you need spice.

spice of lifeRealize that some people have more spice than others. Who contributes the spice in your troop? Is there a scout with orange shoes or orange hair? an earring or two? Or, someone that the guys are always trying to wake up in time for breakfast or trying to shut up at night? How about the guy that starts a campfire story and never does get to the end of it before everyone wanders off to bed? I bet you can think of some other guys with spice in your troop.

These all add a little excitement. We don't remember all the guys that jumped over the creek - we remember Billy who fell in. We don't remember all the scouts that earned First Class in 7th grade - we remember Sammy who finally got around to it in 11th grade. We don't remember the 100 miles of hiked trail - we remember the half mile when Johnny led us off it.

Without guys making mistakes, being weird, or just cutting loose to have fun, Scouting can be pretty bland. It's still good stuff, but there's not much to write home about.

So, consider the guys around you. Who contributes the spice and who provides the substance? I hope you realize it's not one OR the other - everyone adds some of both.

Don't forget that everyone has a different opinion of how much spice makes a good meal and how much is overkill. If the guy in charge lets you know you need to settle down - he's really telling you to shake a little less of the oregano on his meeting. When you are the guy in charge, remember that some of your guys might like a little more chili pepper in their meetings rather than strictly business all the time.
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 Feb 28, 2012 - Ray Burkett
I like this

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