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This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
Raise your hand if you've heard of a Boy Scout getting lost in the woods.
Raise your hand if you've heard of TWO scouts getting lost in the woods together.

These are real events that happened in the past couple years...

A 7 year old cub scout was lost for 2 hours. He was on a hike with his den and fell behind the others, then slipped and fell. When he got back up, the rest were too far away to hear or see him. Two hikers found him and brought him to safety.

An 11 year old scout was lost for 4 days. After using the climbing tower at a camp, he walked the quarter mile to his campsite alone and became lost. He was found 5 miles away out of pure luck.

A 12 year old scout slipped in the lake and got his shoes wet. So, his dad told him to walk the 150 yards back to camp and get dry socks and shoes on. That was the last anyone has seen of him.

A 13 year old scout was lost for 3 days. On a hike, he fell behind the others and took a wrong turn.

Do you see any pattern in all these avoidable events?
Every one of them failed to use the BUDDY SYSTEM!
Two scouts never get lost.

You aren't using the buddy system for yourself - you're doing it for your friend so he doesn't get lost and for his family so they don't worry.
Just look at the guys to your left and right - they really need your help, don't they? :-)
But, seriously, having a buddy is THE most important rule we have - more important than having a compass or first aid kit or anything else.

Did everyone have a buddy at [our last outing]?
Do you think everyone will have a buddy at [our next outing]?
Darn Tootin'!
Did you try it and like it?             Or hate it?
Click a thumb to vote:              

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