Astronauts and the Scouting Experience Minute for Boy Scouts

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Astronauts and the Scouting Experience   Astronauts and the Scouting Experience Minute   Scout Minute

This Minute is meant for Boy Scouts.
Of the 12 American Astronauts who have walked on the Moon, 11 have been Scouts! 
Apollo-Saturn 11 Date: 7/20/69 Time: 2 hr. 31 min. 40 sec. 
Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin  
Armstrong (Eagle), Aldrin (Tenderfoot), M. Collins (Non-Scout) 
Apollo-Saturn 12 Date: 11/19/69 Time: 7 hr. 45 min. 18 sec. 
Charles (Pete) Conrad, Alan Bean 
Conrad (Cub Scout), Bean (First Class), Gordon (Star) 
Apollo-Saturn 13 
Lovell (Eagle), Swigert (Second Class), Haise (Star) 
Apollo-Saturn 14 Date: 2/5/71 Time: 9 hr. 22 min. 31 sec. 
Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell 
Shepard (First Class), Mitchell (Life), Roosa (Non-Scout) 
Apollo-Saturn 15 Date: 7/30/71 Time: 18 hr. 34 min. 46 sec 
James Irwin, David Scott 
D. Scott (Life), Worden (First Class), Irwin (Non-Scout) 
Apollo-Saturn 16 Date: 4/21/72 to 4/23/72 Time: 20 hr. 14 min. 16 sec. 
Charles Duke, John Young 
Duke (Eagle), Young (Second Class), Mattingly (Life) 
Apollo-Saturn 17 Date: 12/11/72 to 12/13/72 Date: 22 hr. 3 min. 57 sec. 
Harrison Schmitt, Eugene Cernan 
Cernan (Second Class), Evans (Life), Schmitt (Tenderfoot) 
Of the 21 Astronauts who have orbited the Moon, 
19 have been Scouts 
Of the 214 former and present astronauts, 142 have taken part in Scouting.
Astronaut Scout Experience: 
(World Wide) 
Adamson, Armstrong, Bagian, Bluford, Bowersox, Brady, Carr, Carter, Chaffee, Covey, Creighton, Duke, Eisele, Fullerton, W. Gregory, Griggs, Hoffman, Jones, Lee, Lind, Llewellyn (King's Scout, U.K.), Lovell, McCulley, O'Leary, Onizuka, Oswald, Parazynski, Reightler, Searfoss, See, Tanner, Truly, D. Walker  
Anders, Basset, Brand, Bridges, Casper, Cooper, Evans, Fabian, G. Gardner, Givens, Gregory, Kregel, Low, Mattingly, McArthur, Mitchell, D. Scott, Spring, Springer, 
Van Hoften, C. Williams  
Barry, Cameron, England, W. Fisher, Garriott, R. Gibson, Gordon, Grissom, Haise, Lounge, McNair, Stafford  
First Class:  
J. Allen, Bean, Clifford, Coats, Engle, Freeman, D. Gardner, E. Gibson, Hammond, Henize, Linnehan, Nelson, Overmyer, Schirra, Schweickart, W. Scott, Shepard, Veach, Worden  
Second Class:  
Bolden, Buchli, Carpenter, Cernan, Culbertson, Mullane, Parker, Pogue, Shriver, Swigert, W. Thornton, White, Young  
Aldrin, Bursch, Hawley, Lousma, McDivitt, Michel, Schmitt, S. Smith  
O'Connor, D. Williams  
A. Allen, C. Brown, Conrad, Foale (Wolf, Germany), Gernhardt, Henricks, Leestma, Lopez-Alegria, McBride, Meade, Readdy, Rominger, Shepherd, Thomas, Thuot, Wolf  
C. Brown, Bull, Clervoy, Garneau, Harris, James Voss  
E. Collins, Davis, A. Fisher, Helms, Jernigan, Lawrence, Seddon, Sherlock, Sullivan, 
K. Thornton, Janice Voss, Weber 
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