First Class Relay Game for Boy Scouts

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First Class Relay   First Class Relay Game   Scout Game

This Game is meant for Boy Scouts.
pole per patrol
rope per patrol
kerchief per patrol
ace bandage per patrol
One adult per patrol as judge.
Good reinforcement of skills required for First Class.
Also a good review for older scouts since they tend to forget quite a bit without review.
This is a relay between patrols to demonstrate First Class skills and knowledge.

The adult assigned to each patrol positions himself 10, 20, or 30 feet from the patrol. He has a list of Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class questions. Tenderfoot are worth 10 points, 2nd are worth 15, and 1st are worth 20.

At the signal, the patrol leader from each patrol runs to his patrol's judge and tells him what level question he wants - Tenderfoot, 2nd, or 1st. The judge asks for a skill demonstration or answer to a question from that category. If the person is successful, the judge checks off the question and the person runs back to tag the next person. If the person is incorrect, he just returns with no points.

After a set time limit, the patrol with the most points wins. Or, the patrol to answer all questions first wins.

Tenderfoot Skills
Show the Scout Sign.
Say the Scout Oath (make sure they use the Scout Sign).
Say the Scout Law (make sure they use the Scout Sign).
Say the Scout Motto.
Say the Scout Slogan.
What is your patrol name?
What is your patrol yell?
Describe your patrol flag.
Tie two half hitches.
Tie a tautline hitch.
Describe treatment for simple cuts and scratches.
Describe treatment for blisters on the hand and foot.
Describe treatment for minor burns or scalds (first degree).
Describe treatment for bites and stings of insects and ticks.
Describe treatment for a poisonous snakebite.
Describe treatment for a nosebleed.
Describe treatment for frostbite.
Describe treatment for sunburn.

Second Class Skills
When is it appropriate to use a cooking fire?
When is it appropriate to use a lightweight stove?
Describe treatment for stopped breathing.
Describe treatment for serious bleeding.
Describe treatment for internal poisoning.
Describe treatment for an object in the eye.
Describe treatment for a bite of a suspected rabid animal.
Describe treatment for puncture wounds from a splinter.
Describe treatment for puncture wounds from a nail.
Describe treatment for puncture wounds from a fishhook.
Describe treatment for serious burns (second degree).
Describe treatment for heat exhaustion.
Describe treatment for shock.
Describe treatment for heatstroke.
Describe treatment for dehydration.
Describe treatment for hypothermia.
Describe treatment for hyperventilation.

First Class Skills
Tie a timber hitch.
Tie a clove hitch.
Tie a bowline.
Demonstrate bandages for a sprained ankle.
Demonstrate bandages for injuries on the head.
Demonstrate bandages for the upper arm.
Demonstrate bandages for the collarbone.
Tell the five most common signs of a heart attack.
Explain the steps in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
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