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Counting Coup   Counting Coup Game   Scout Game

1 or 2 patrols
markers such as paper squares or pennies for each scout
One scout is the Indian Chief blindfolded in the center of a circle. All other scouts stand outside the circle and one at a time stalk up to the chief attempting to count coup by touching him.
If the Chief hears anything, he yells 'STOP' and the stalker must immediately freeze. The Chief points exactly where he thinks the creeping enemy is.
The referee decides if the Chief was correct or not. The stalker must go by the referee's decision.
If the Chief is correct, the enemy leaves his marker on the ground where his closest toe was resting and leaves the circle. If he is incorrect, the stalker continues on until he is caught or successfully touches the Chief's arm, which means he becomes the Chief. If no one touches the Chief, the closest one is chief next.

Have two patrols against each other. Each patrol leader is the chief for his patrol. First have one patrol try to count coup. For every scout that reaches the Chief, the patrol gets 1 point. Leave markers on the ground for those that are detected.
After each patrol goes, the one with the most coup counted wins. If none reached either chief, compare the closest markers from each patrol, then the next closest pairs, ... giving one point for the closest of each pair.
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