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4 coffee cans per patrol
Slalom Race: Set the 4 cans 6 feet apart in a straight line. Mark a starting line. Rider cycles from the starting line weaving between the cans, around the last can, and back to the starting line. Next scout rides.
If a rider touches a can or touches the ground, he must start his ride over.
Fastest patrol time wins.

Marble Drop: Draw a starting line. Place the cans in a straight line 8-10 feet apart. Each scout gets 4 marbles. Scout rides past the cans and drops a marble in each one. Score one point per marble. Lose one point for touching the ground or a can. Not a timed race.

Turtle Relay: Using chalk, draw a 3foot wide path about 50 feet long. Mark the ends of the path with chalk. Split the team in half with half at each end of the path. Using one bike, a scout rides from one end of the path to the other as SLOWLY as possible. When the front tire crosses the end line, time is stopped until the next scout starts his ride. Time is deducted for touching the ground or having a tire touch the path edges. Slowest patrol wins.

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