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A patrol leader is responsible for the management of his patrol. His role includes a great deal of responsibility and requires training and ongoing support from the scoutmaster, troop guide, and assistant scoutmaster assigned to his patrol.
Here is some information to help train and guide the newly elected patrol leader.

Patrols work well when:

  1. Everyone has ideas
  2. Everyone helps plan
  3. Everyone does his part
  4. Everyone follows the Scout Oath and Law

A good patrol leader is prepared:

A good patrol leader is fair:

A good patrol leader is considerate:

A good patrol leader sets a good example:

A patrol meeting will be successful if:
So, ...

Good Patrol Meeting Format

How to Plan a Meeting

For a Patrol Meeting to flow smoothly, the Patrol Leader needs to plan the meeting. He should include his assistant patrol leader in the planning.

  1. The Patrol Leader needs a binder just for patrol business. All notes taken by the Patrol Leader at troop, PLC, and patrol meetings need to be kept there so they can be easily found.
  2. Make a list of those items that need action. A big star or color highlight helps.
  3. The Patrol Leader prioritizes the items on his list and places similar topics together. More important items should be at the top of the list.
  4. Estimate how long each item should take to accomplish and write it by each item.
  5. Gather supplies for the meeting – materials for skills, game equipment, snacks.
  6. Make sure your SPL and Scoutmaster know when and where you are meeting.
  7. Prepare a written agenda to distribute and follow the agenda. When items take more time than estimated, a decision will need to be made as to whether to move on or to cut something else from the agenda in order to make room for the longer topic. Stay focused.

Brainstorming Guidelines

Brainstorming is a technique to gather many ideas in a short amount of time. A scribe records the items on paper or whiteboard. The Patrol Leader acts as moderator. Once the topic is chosen to brainstorm (such as ideas of places to go), the moderator asks for ideas. Following are some guidelines:

During patrol meetings, the Patrol Leader should:

  1. Set the tone of the meeting
    • Meetings are affected by the physical comfort of participants and by the preparation of the leader; agenda and materials ready.
  2. Present the material
    • Follow the agenda
    • Outline questions to be answered in discussion
    • Present material in a clear and interesting manner
  3. Lead discussions
    • Get opinions from all members by asking them what they think.
    • List all opinions in binder
    • Refrain from monopolizing the discussion
    • Interrupt only to clarify a point or ask a question
    • Ask how the patrol wants to make the decision
    • Call for a vote if needed
  4. Know how to pick up on and develop ideas
    • Tie an idea to a merit badge or troop goal or recognition
  5. Keep records
    • Record attendance, dues, assignment tasks
  6. Delegate tasks
    • Make sure everyone gets a job to do and that the jobs rotate
    • Patrol Leader does not do everything, he leads and delegates


Patrol Meeting Agenda
Place: ___________________________________________Date: ____________
Opening - Hold a brief ceremony if this is outside of a Troop Meeting

Business – Read the patrol log of the last patrol meeting. Collect dues, uniform inspection, any new items of business are discussed and decisions are recorded. Campout planning is done by getting a count of who is going, making a menu, creating a duty roster, and checking equipment needs. Patrol grubmaster is assigned to purchase food. Advancement of Patrol Members is discussed and recorded.

Skill Activity - Scouting skills are practiced, possibly for advancement or for teaching others in the troop. Perhaps a camp gadget, designing a flag, a patrol presentation, or practicing for patrol competitions.

Game - This should be a Scouting activity. You can play ball any time. Check or come up with one that uses your scouting skills. Try new activities to use at troop meetings.

Closing - This should be short and dignified. Perhaps a practice for a ceremony that can be used for opening or closing at a troop meeting.

Attendance - List scouts at meeting:

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 Jul 03, 2013 - tyler
this helps alot

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