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Cub Scout World Conservation   Cub Scout World Conservation Award   Scout Award

This Award is meant for Cub Scouts.
The World Conservation Award provides an opportunity for individual Cub Scouts to 'think globally' and 'act locally' to preserve and improve our environment. This program is designed to make youth members aware that all nations are closely related through natural resources and that we are interdependent with our world environment.

The Cub Scout version of the World Conservation Award can be earned by Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Scouts, but not by Tigers.

This is considered a 'temporary patch' and should be displayed centered on the right pocket. It can be sewn on or displayed in a plastic patch holder hung from the pocket button.

This award can be earned only once while you are in Cub Scouting
(i.e. as either a Wolf, Bear, or Webelos Scout).

As a Wolf Cub Scout, earn the Cub Scout World Conservation Award by doing the following:

As a Bear Cub Scout, earn the Cub Scout World Conservation Award by doing the following:

As a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout World Conservation Award by doing the following:

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 May 26, 2013 - DL Mike
Does anyone have suggestions or ideas for den conservation project that would be a good fit for this award for a wolf den?
May 26, 2013 - Matt
Most Cubs get this leg of the badge done at day camp.
However, If you have a nature center or a raptor center.Butterfly or Birdbanding works well with wolves.
May 31, 2013 - shawnoc
@DL Mike - A lot of conservation projects are done around earth day (which we just missed), but there are always tree plantings, beach cleanups, etc. that need volunteers.
We searched volunteer match > cause area = environment > suitable for = kids, and found a bunch.
Oct 15, 2013 - Jeff
If my Wolf Den cleaned around all the ponds in our neighborhood (about 8-12 of them) and picked up garbage or fishing items left behind, etc, would this fit as a Conservation project?  These ponds are all a nature habitat, and neighborhood folks are allowed to fish in them.  Thanks for your help
Oct 15, 2013 - Scouter Paul
@Jeff - Sounds like a great project to me!
Mar 06, 2014 - Eugene Chen
My den has participated in our cleaning up our local park, picking up litter, etc.  My question is...Is there some unwritten standard that applies to length and breadth of a cleanup to be considered a "conservation project". Is there really a difference between a park clean up that the den organized ourselves vs a beach clean-up that is organized by an outside group in terms of its utility to the community.
Mar 06, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Eugene - The difference between those two projects is their scope.  It is up to the den or pack leaders to decide how large a project to undertake.

I would have a hard time justifying a 15-minute walk through the park where we picked up a few scraps of litter.  But, an hour or more where we gathered a few garbage bags full of trash would be significant enough for me.  A 4-hour, intensely physical effort might be expecting too much from 2nd graders.  So, each leader needs to decide what "counts".
Mar 26, 2014 - Carlos
Is there an award or some sort of recognition I can give the adult leader that helped his den earn this award?
Mar 26, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Carlos - Sure, encourage him to complete the rest of the requirements for the Den Leader award.  That is the recognition for a den leader that completes training and does a good job.
May 09, 2014 - DW Hendry
If my son earned the World Conservation award as a Bear, can he put the patch on his Webelo uniform or does he have to re-earn it?
May 09, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@DW - Yes, it can be displayed on his Webelos uniform if earned in an earlier year.
Aug 22, 2014 - Shannon
Ok, here might be a silly question, but who does the form get submitted to?

Aug 23, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Shannon - You can turn it in to your Pack's advancement chair.  Don't have one? then most likely your committee chair or whoever else gets rank badges and other recognition for the scouts.
Sep 18, 2014 - Heidi Stevens
We discussed making boot brushes and donating them to the Ice Age Trail here is Wisconsin, to help prevent the spread of invasive species.  I just need to research if this is truly effective.  We are Webelos.
Sep 18, 2014 - Scouter Paul
@Heidi - Sounds like a good idea to me.  There are quite a few places along the Ice Age Trail that have boot brushes installed.  You could contact the IATA at to find out if they want them, and what specific designs they need.
Nov 21, 2014 - Tiffany
Is there any indication if this award will stick around next year with all the program changes? It relies so heavily on the current program (achievements and electives). Our Bear den can hopefully complete it this year, but if not, it'd be nice to know that it's still an option during Webelos.
Dec 24, 2014 - Dan Pedelaborde
What I have done for my Bears and now WEBELOS, is or visite a wildlife rescue center, then do a park/trail clean up & then a tree planting day.
Doing the 3 helped with a more global view of community and nature.

Mar 18, 2015 - Heidi Yates
Does anyone know if this award will be available in the new program? We are working on it and wondering if we need to meet a deadline.  Thanks for your help.

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