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Soda Pop Detectives   Soda Pop Detectives Activity   Scout Activity

One can each of: 7-UP, Sprite, Squirt, Slice, Lemon Lime, Mountain Dew, Club Soda, Ginger Ale, Surge, Fresca, and/or other clear sodas.
One large cup for each can of pop.
One small paper cup for each player.
One sheet of paper and pencil for each playe
Make a master sheet with #1=Fresca, #2=Mountain Dew, #3=Sprite, ...
On each large cup, write a number.
Out of view from the group, pour the appropriate soda into each large cup. For example, Sprite in #3 cup.
Give each scout a paper, pencil, and paper cup. Have them write down #1, #2, ... for the number of types of sodas you have.
Take cup #1 and pour some of it into each scout's paper cup. They taste it and write down what they believe it is.
Repeat for each soda.
When finished, tell which soda each number was and find out who had the best score. The winner could receive a 2 liter bottle or some other prize.

To make it easier, you could have the empty cans on display so they know what the choices are.
Did you try it and like it?             Or hate it?
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