Chair Building - Teamwork Activity for Boy Scouts

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Chair Building - Teamwork   Chair Building - Teamwork Activity   Scout Activity

This Activity is meant for Boy Scouts.
For each patrol:
8 - 2 foot long 2x4
10 - 8D or 10D nails
sheet of paper
safety goggles
Place materials for each patrol in work area, well separated from other patrols. Patrols line up about 30 feet away at start line.
Give hammer and safety goggles to each patrol leader.
Notice if patrols take time to plan their chair before starting to pound nails. See if they use the paper and pencil to communicate what is being built or if each scout makes a guess when they get to the work area.
Object: Be the first patrol to design and build a chair and have a patrol member sit on it for 2 minutes.

  1. The chair must use only the materials provided, but not necessarily all the materials.
  2. The scout that sits on the chair must keep all body parts at least 1.5 feet above the ground for 2 minutes.
  3. Only one scout from the patrol can be past the start line at a time.
  4. Each scout must put on work goggles before entering the work area or they will be sent back to the start line.
  5. Each scout can nail at most one nail per trip to the work area.
  6. Each scout in the patrol makes a trip to the work area before any scout goes a second time - stay in order and take turns, not just one scout going back and forth.
  7. The last scout to finish the chair returns to the start line before the 'sitter' goes to the work area to sit.

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