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Boy Scout Law

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A Scout Is...
A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him.
A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation.
A Scout is concerned about other people. He does things willingly for others without pay or reward.
A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He seeks to understand others. He respects those with ideas and customs other than his own.
A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows good manners make it easier for people to get along together.
A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason.
A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them.
A Scout looks for the bright side of things. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.
A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for unforeseen needs. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.
A Scout can face danger even if he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at or threaten him.
A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He goes around with those who believe in living by these same ideals. He helps keep his home and community clean.
A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.

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 Feb 27, 2012 - David Knapp
As I read this page and the page with the scout oath, it took me back to all of my troops court of honors. Each court of honor we would read and explain the scout oath and laws. Always a good idea. Puts a little more meaning to it than just reciting them. May not hit home until they are older, but at least it sticks with them.
Jul 08, 2012 - Matthew Dube
I m the kind of leader,dad and citizen that i m today because of the Boy Scout Movement.Cant overemphasize it
Sep 13, 2012 - Sarah Rondeau
I am so very proud of the fine man my son has grown to be and I know it is because of he grew up on the trail to Eagle.
Mar 01, 2014 - Gary Johnson
Nearly 50 yrs since I was a BSA and I didn't stay in long but it had a lasting effect on me. I believe in the Scouts and think it is good for any boy to learn the principles and discipline that will help them their entire life. All these years later one of my favorite books is the Boy Scout Handbook.
Mar 23, 2014 - Denis Raymond Sansom
White Fang here! When "BP" our founder, compiled these laws, he did so with much thought.Every law was designed to help us in our youth and in our adult hood. As with the 10 Commandments, we mortals are hard pressed not to break these Laws. Whilst I have tried very hard to observe all these Laws, the specific Law that I have applied to my personal lifestyle is the 10th Law "Clean" Because of this law, not only have I observed the hygiene aspects of the Law, but I have refrained from smoking, alcohol and drug use. I am now 83 years of age and live a very healthy and active life. I am rarely sick, common cold being the worst I get.
Aug 09, 2014 - Dan
These values and ideals are very much needed in our society today. I am striving to live up to these ideals and values in order to set an example for our next generation of scouts. Thank-You for sharing.

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