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Be One With the Wild
boy scout recruiting Well, here's a wild one for you. Click the image for a much larger version.

I read a rumor this morning that these photos are part of a new Boy Scouts campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather, called "Be One with the Wild".
What the heck, I'll help spread the rumor.

There's a Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Boy Scout. Their uniforms all look good except all the collar bling on the Boy Scout and his nametag of R. Manderfield which I've not seen on a uniform before.

I noticed the council patches on the uniforms are from the Atlanta Area council, so I went and searched around. There's this page on their council website that has more info about their recruiting campaign.

So, it's a council campaign that was used this fall - rumor solved, I guess. And, it looks like that council has some fun folks involved, if just a little on the interesting side.

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Posted: 11:47 11-04-2011 699
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 Nov 04, 2011 - Damon
Here's what I can tell you...
A group of us adults, not all "old gray beards" but some folks very currently in scouting....saw this campaign and thought "who came of with that nutty idea?"
But the BOYS love it. Cubs walked past every other poster and ignored it. But that campaign gets em to stop...stare...and ask questions...and they're hooked.

I don't get it. but then again I don't have to...the new cub does and it works.
Nov 04, 2011 - Scouter Paul
Damon - thanks for sharing.
We have to keep imagination and fun going strong. A little bit of "How'd they do that?" doesn't hurt either.

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