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Scoutmaster Musings

X-SM Role?

Next week will be my first free Monday night in over six years - no PLC meeting, no troop meeting, no committee meeting, no merit badges or patrols to visit. Now that the new Scoutmaster is trained and guiding the troop, I'm on my own. I've got some big plans, but first I'm curious to hear from you guys.

What role does the past Scoutmaster play in your troop? - leave a comment about how your troop puts the ex-SM 'out to pasture'. Is it a clean break, becomes an ASM, joins the committee, or something else?

We've decided that it would be best for the scouts to have me away from meetings and campouts for at least six months. This is to engrain in them that I'm not the scoutmaster now. My transition falls in nicely with a new SPL election this coming month so the entire troop leadership will start anew over this next month.

My plans for the next nine months are:

I figure that should keep me pretty busy and active enough in the Scouting community. But, it doesn't really get me out into the wilds as much as I'm used to and as much as I'd like. I've got a plan for that part of my life that I think will keep me busy for the next six years. Stop by tomorrow if you're curious. Here's a clue - I hiked 11 miles this morning.

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 Aug 24, 2011 - middletownscouter
In my son's troop (which was actually my troop as a youth), it varies and depends on what the former SM wants to do. My former SM is still an ASM, and of the last 2 former SM's (one was SM for a little over a year, the other for almost a dozen years), one is an ASM and the other is on the committee.
Aug 24, 2011 - Clark
You could always start your own Youtube channel and do bushcraft/outdoor skills videos... there are tons of them, but they all have something unique to say or have a unique way to present a skill. Of course, taking a camera on an 11-mile hike would be edited to the highlights of what you enjoyed/saw and maybe be only 2 minutes :) You could always do SMM while doing "dirt time".
Aug 24, 2011 - Scott
I'm afraid that I don't have any sage advice for you on what to do now that you are no longer a SM. I just wanted to thank you for this website. I use it constantly. It is the best resource on the web for scouting and I appreciate all of the time is must have taken to set it up and to run it. Thanks again and good luck with your new found time.
Aug 25, 2011 - Caleb W.
How about going camping without the constant noise of scouts? Just to see what real quiet is like.
Aug 25, 2011 - Bryan
Speaking from experience STAY AWAY FROM YOUR TROOP. Let the new Scoutmaster have some room to spread his wings. I stepped up 3 years ago and the old SM is still around. We thought it was a good thing. Now most on the committee and Troop want him gone. I'm torn, he's upset and it's leaving a rift in the Troop Leadership.

Stay involved, give your experience to the District/Council and then come back in 6 months/a year and you will be welcomed with open arms.
Sep 02, 2011 - Andy
I'm in the same spot. I've spent the last three months biting my tongue. I'm taking over as patrol advisor for my son's patrol, into the age-out phase with the last few going through Eagle projects. My standard answer is "Thanks for asking. What does Dave say?" I'm just having fun.

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