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plastic bowls full of snacks - raisins, peanuts, M&Ms, fish crackers, anything small like that. 
plastic spoon for each scout 
1 foot ruler for each scout 
3 foot strip of cloth for each scout
Set the bowls of snacks out on the table (preferably in a different room). 
Using a strip of cloth, tie a ruler to the top of each scout's right arm at the elbow - this is to make the arm stiff and straight so it can not bend.
Good teamwork and problem solving activity.
Hand each scout a spoon in their right hand.
Tell them it is time for snack, but there is a twist.
All of them have broken their right arm and their left arm has been bitten off by a mad shark.
Tell everyone to have a seat around the table and enjoy their snack.

The ruler is just to remind them that their arm can not move - if a scout tries to bend his arm, remind him that the arm is broken and has to stay straight.

What you would hope would happen is that the scouts realize they can not eat any of the food - alone! If no one figures out that they can feed the scout across from them after a few minutes, drop a hint or two to help them along.

Once someone feeds someone else, make sure that spoon is only used for that person - have some extra spoons just in case.

How does this fit with our goal of teamwork?
Did you need someone else to get food?
Can you think of other situations where helping others is necessary in order to help yourself?
Did you try it and like it?             Or hate it?
Click a thumb to vote:              

Follow Me, Boys

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