Webelos Traveler Discussion

  1. What are some things you should arrange before you leave on a family vacation so strangers won't know you are gone? (Leave a key with a neighbor to get mail, get newspaper, mow yard, water flowers, check for packages on front porch. Also set timer on lights, use answering machine. )
  2. What are some things you should always have with you in your car for safety? (first aid kit, spare tire and jack, oil, water, basic tool kit, flares, flag, blanket.)
  3. What can you do in the car to help the driver on a long trip? (talk to him occastionally. Play quietly. Notice if the car starts swerving or if he starts looking tired.)
  4. What are some good reasons to use mass transit such as buses and subways? (less pollution, safer than cars, more time to work or read instead of drive)
  5. What are some bad things about mass transit? (you must travel on their schedule, sometimes slower, may be bad strangers nearby)
  6. What are some things to do to protect yourself from strangers while on a trip? (stay with a parent - holding hands is good, notice your surroundings and people near you instead of playing gameboy, do not talk to strangers, keep your money hidden)
  7. What do the different colors of road signs mean? (red-danger, orange-construction/maintenance, yellow-warning, blue-traveler information, brown-recreational information, green-guide signs, white-route markers and regulatroy signs such as speed limit, black - one way and night speed limit, fluorescent yellow/green-crossing warning for schools, pedestrians, and bicycles.
  8. If you could take a family trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? Then, choose one and figure out about how much it would take to go on that trip.