Create a Pet

Have available a supply of small boxes, pipe cleaners, construction paper, and assorted craft scraps and supplies.  Have each boy use materials at hand to create a new species of pet.  Then have each boy introduce his pet to the Den, its name, what it eats, what it sounds like, etc.  Variation: Use plastic eggs as petís bodies.


Puppy Portrait Frame

  Your family dog will look pretty as a picture when her snapshot is displayed in this dog-bone frame.

Material: Flat wooden frame, dog-bone treats, water based high-gloss polyurethane, small paintbrush, hot glue

Step 1: Remove the glass and the cardboard backing from a flat wooden frame and set them aside.  Lay the wood, face side up, on a flat working surface and arrange crunchy dog-bone treats on top of it.  Place them horizontally, end to end to fashion a border all the way around, or diagonally to accent the corners.

Step 2: Once the pattern is determined, remove the dog bones, lay them face down, and apply a coat of water-based high-gloss polyurethane to the backs.  Once dry, hot-glue the bones to the frame so the polyurethane sides are against the frame (adults only.)

Step 3: Apply polyurethane to the tops and sides of the glued-on bones, let dry and apply another coat of polyurethane.

Step 4: When the final coat is completely dry, insert your photo and reassemble the frame.


Dog Bone Magnet
Heart of America


Dog bone snack, acrylic Sealer (clear) felt, moveable eyes, scissors, 2 small pom poms, 1 medium size (2 1/4") pom pom, (buy in fringe department), Magnetic tape, craft glue

1. Dip bone into clear acrylic and allow to dry.

2. Glue pom pom in center. Add felt ears and small nose pom pom or felt circle.

3. Glue on moveable eyes.  Add magnetic tape to back of bone.


Dog Cookies
Heart of America Council


Materials: 1/2 cup Cornmeal, 6 tablespoons Oil, 2/3 cup water or meat broth, 2 cup whole wheat flour Rolling pin, Cookie cutters (bone shaped would be fun) Cookie sheet

Use of an oven

1. Mix dry ingredients together, add wet ingredients.

2. Use your hands to mush it up well. If it feels too dry, add a few drops of water. If it feels too wet, add a teaspoon of flour at a time until it feels soft but not sticky. Careful not to over-mush or the dough will get tough.

3. Roll out about 1/2" thick on a flour dusted surface, cut out with any shape of cookie cutters.  Place on cookie sheet.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30-35 minutes, or until lightly golden.

5. Be sure to let cool before giving to your pet!


A Poochís Place Mat
Heart of America Council

  Materials: Poster board, Dog bone shaped cookie cutter, Potato, Knife, Acrylic paint Paper plate or pie tin, Paper towels, Clear Contact paper

1. Cut a place mat shape from poster board.  Then press a dog bone cookie cutter into the cut surface of a potato half and leave it in place. Pare away a 1/4" layer of potato from around the cutter. Remove the cutter and blot the potato with a paper towel.

2. Pour some acrylic paint on a paper plate or pie tin. Press the stamp into the paint, dab off excess color on newspaper, and print dog bones on the placemat.  For the best results, rinse and dry the potato before switching to another color.  Once the design is dry, laminate the place mat between sheets of clear contact paper.


Balloon Dog
Heart of America Council



Long thin balloons (available in craft & hobby stores like Hobby  Lobby, Michael's, US Toy or party stores such as Paper Warehouse)

Optional: Hand or Foot Pump

The first trick to making a balloon animal is to blow up the balloon.  This is hard.  You can buy a hand pump or use a football pump to help blow up the balloons.  Do not blow the balloon up all the way, you only need a small balloon.

Carefully tie the balloon.  When twisting a balloon, always start at the end with the knot.  Do not worry, it will not break if you twist it, but you must hold on to both ends of the balloon.  Otherwise, the balloon will untwist.  The balloon will not stay twisted by itself.  You have to twist the balloon together.

1. Blow up the balloon half way.

2.  Start at the beginning with the knot and twist a 3 to 4" bubble or 3 or 4 fingers wide.  Make sure you hang on to both ends of balloon, otherwise it will untwist. Twist it around 2 or 3 times. Do not worry it will not break.  Why didnít it break?  There is space at the end of the balloon for the trapped air.  That is why we only blow the balloon up half way.

3: While holding on to the twisted balloon, make another bubble the same size.  This will be the one ear.  Do not let go.

4.  Make another balloon bubble the same size.  This is the other ear.

5.  Twist balloon joints A & B together twist 2 or 4 time all the way around.  The balloon will not break, and they will stay together.  If yours looks like this, very good; if not, try it again -practice makes perfect!

6: Now for the neck.  Twist a 2 to 3" bubble or 3 or 4 fingers wide.  This is the neck.  Make sure you hang on to the balloon, both parts.

7:  To make the legs, start by twisting a 2 to 3" bubble.  Hang on to the neck as you twist the balloon, and do not let go of the leg.

8:  Second leg, same as the first.  Twist a 2 to 3" bubble.  Twist those two parts together just like you did with the ears.  Remember twist around each other 4 or 5 times.

9.  Have a lot of balloon left over?  Hotdog!  We make the body 1 hand long.  Then twisting; make sure you hang on to the balloon.  Make the legs like you did in step 7.


Bone Prints

Purchase a box of large dog bone snacks.  Set the bones, shallow bowls of paint, and colorful construction paper on a table (with protective covering).  Allow the Cubs to dip one bone at a time into the paint and then press it on a piece of construction paper to make a design.  Talk about why dogs enjoy their snacks and why snacks are beneficial (source of vitamins, helps clean the teeth, etc.)  You may also wish to explain that people often use snacks as treats when they train dogs and other animals.


Paw Prints

Have the boys help you make paw prints.  Make them by using the cut ends of a potato, molding clay or cutting corrugated paper into a paw shape and gluing it to another piece to serve as a handle.  Allow the Cubs to dip their "stamp" into a bowl of tempera paint and pressing it to paper.


Birdhouse Slide

Cut two inches from a 1.5-2" diameter branch.  Cut the top on two slants (peaked roof shape).  Take apart a pinecone and glue the individual "petals" to the roof for shingles.  Drill a larger hole for the house opening and a smaller hole for the perch.  Glue a small twig in the perch hole.  Attach the birdhouse to a slide (curtain ring, PVC ring, twisted pipe cleaner).


Fishtank Slide

Use an empty Tic Tac container.  Glue blue construction paper on the inside of the back.  Use colored paper to make small fish and underwater plants.  Glue the plants and some of the fish to the inside of the box - both front and back to give the tank a dimensional look.  Put small colored fish tank beads, plastic gravel, or craft melting beads on the bottom.  Put in 1 or 2 fish that arenít glued down.  Attach a slide ring (curtain ring, PVC ring, twisted pipe cleaner) on back.



Dog Bone Slide

Take one of the colored, dog bone shaped treats and attach a slide ring (curtain ring, PVC ring, twisted pipe cleaner).  Use a permanent marker to add a slogan.  For a fancier slide, add pompoms of different colors, eyes etc. to make a dog of your choice.