Find the Golden Snitch

Materials:  A bag of white or colored ping-pong balls, permanent marker, gold paint

Using permanent marker, write point values on each ball:  10, 20, 30 points.  If you are using colored balls, each color can have a different point value.  Paint one ball metallic gold.  The is you Golden Snitch, which is worth 150 points.  Hide the balls.  The game ends when the snitch is found.  The team with the most points wins.


Broom Sweep Relay

Materials:  1 broom, 1 balloon, 1 plastic cone for each team

Divide boys into equal teams and line them behind the starting line.  Place a plastic cone about 40 feet from the starting line.  Give the first person in each team a broom and balloon.  On the start, the first person puts the balloon on the floor and sweeps the balloon to the cone, circles the cone and returns.  The balloon is to remain on the ground at all times.  If the balloon pops, the player must restart from the starting line.  The first team to have all players complete the clean sweep with the balloon winds.

I Am Thinking Of

This may be used for all forms of nature or one category such as flowers or trees.  The

beginner says, "I'm thinking of something and it begins with "g" (grass).  The other Cubs guess and the one who correctly guesses first gets to give the next clue.  Additional clues may be given if it is difficult to guess, such as "the color is green" or "you can't see this in Minnesota in winter" etc.


You're A Mind Reader

Materials: Some slips of paper, a pencil and a hat.  You have different people in the audience call out different colors.  You write the colors on a piece of paper.  The papers are placed in a hat and a member of the audience is asked to take one out.  He is told to read the color on the paper and concentrate on it.  You then "read his mind" and tell him what color he is thinking of.

Secret: When the audience calls out the colors, you merely write the same color on all the slips of paper.  It doesn't make any difference which slip of paper is selected - they are all the same.